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Mar 18, 2018

Needed a suggestion about suitable mass gainer

hey! well i am 18. 55kg and about 150cm in weight and height. i am a lean guy. i need a good guidance about mass gainers. first of all i need to know the difference between supplentary, mass gainers, weight gainers,whey protein and so on. i haven't taken any of those previously. i need to gain muscles and to get some handy mass. gym trainers suggested me to take suitable mass gainers. i am not willing to become a professional body builder. but i am willing to just gain some good mass to look handsome. so i request your goodness to mention some of the mass gainers which will be suitable for me. please specify their names, calorie content, a comparison about the variety of mass gainers. Also mention their ADVANTAGES and SIDEEFFECTS and DOSAGES too. i am expecting a speedy reply from you regarding this concern. THANKYOU!
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Mar 19, 2018


As per your credentials, your weight is 55kg, which seems to be perfect with the proportion of your height 150cm. To gain few more kgs you can follow a healthy diet. Consume calorie dense diet with the protein-rich food in every 2-3 hrs.

On a general note, the mass gainers should be used to get the muscle volume increased in the combination of caloric surplus diet and heavy workout plan. On the other hand, weight gainers will be helpful in increasing body weight by providing the very large amount of carbohydrate and calories.   

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