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Aug 27, 2015

Not able lose belly and butt fat, and no muscle growth

i am doing gym from last 4-5 months, my height is 5.6 and weight 70 now. my schedule is  mon- back bisept tues - cardio wed- chest shoulder thir- cardio fri- legs trisept sat- cardio i lost 5 kg in first 3 months, but now i am not able to lose belly and butt fat and not seeing muscle growth, please advice me workout and diet plan and please suggest me supliments. i am non vegiterian.
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Aug 31, 2015

Hi Sandip,

You should take low carb, low sodium and low sugar food in a whole day and also  proper intake of protein too. one more thing i want to tell you thats do cardio and weight simultaneously becuse both traning helps you to loose more fat then one.(do cardio after your weight traning workout for better results). Do high repetition workout with light weight and minimum 5 exercise of each part.

and, if I am talking about supplement then you should take zero carb Zero sugar and zeoo fat protein powder like  Nature's best ISO PURE ( minimum 2 scoops in a daywith water only)


For Proper Diet & Traning charts you can go through


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Sep 01, 2015
Take whey isolate of any brand and 3 times green tea on before workout Rice , junk , soft drink , sugger are want to skip.

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