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Jul 22, 2015

Not able to gain muscle

Hello Everyone, my weight iis 72kg, i am workingout in gym since 7 months, and lifting heavy weights eg- for bench press 30kg , bicep , tricep 15kg, but still not able to gain muscle and good shape, my arms (bicep and tricep) still so  lean and no shape ,while i am following good diet plan not taking any supplement,   Advice me better way to gain muscle and good shape.   Thanks Vikash
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Jul 22, 2015

Hi Vikash,

The problem is quite obviously with your diet. For me to give you a detailed diet chart, please give me the following:

Age, Height

Hope to get back to you with a detailed diet chart!


Test altvikash pathak Jul 22, 2015

Hello Puneet,

Thanks For your Reply, i am giving the details as you expecting with my current diet plan,

Age :28

Height : 5'5"

Diet Plan,

Pre Workout (5:30 Am)

2 Big size Boiled Sweet potato

4 boiled eggs(with yolk)

Post Workout (8:00 AM)

2 Banana

4 boiled eggs(with yolk)

5 chapati and rice

Mid Morning (10:30 AM)

4 Chapati with rice

AfterNoon Meal (2:00 PM)

2 Chapati with rice 


Evening Snacks (5:30 PM)

4 half boiled eggs with Juice



Night meals (10:00 PM)

7 Chapati 

2 boiled egg


Waiting for your reply



Test altPuneet Jul 23, 2015

Hi Vikash,

You should be eating around 2500 cal per day out which 40% should be carbhydrates and Protein (so around 1000 calories) and 500 calories from fat. Note this is a rough estimate. After looking at your diet eliminate some of the roit's and replace with high protein sources such as chicken, whey, eggs, etc. Try to make sure you don't eat chapati's at dinner time. Carbohydrates are the bodies main energy source so if you sleep after eating carbs then the body will not use that energy and instead deposit it as fat.


Test altvikash pathak Jul 23, 2015

Hello Puneet,

Then What should i take at night ?

can you explain me any Diet plan as per my diet plan i have explained you 

that i could concentrate on that.


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Jul 22, 2015

i will keep it short so its easy for you to understand

educate yourself on macro partioning-protein/fats/carbs

now depending on your body type select a suitable diet .i assume you would want to that case i would use -50% carbs/30%protein/20%fats but it all depends on your body type(endomorph,ectomorph,or mesomorph)

why is carbs required-? for fueling workouts and protein synthesis

why is protein required-?building blocks of muscles

why is fat required-?immense source of energy,maintaining immunity in body and allows the body to peform optimally.

work on your diet first ,supplements will only complement  once your  in a calorific surplus in case you bulk.

one thing i have learned in the past 3 years is that unless your eating above your maintainence level you wont build anything.keep your meals clean and calorie dense.

peace out bro keep pushing




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Jul 23, 2015
Ha bhai vikash Dude ur diet is good for it means body fuel is proper. I think problem is in ur workout means how u train? Do heavy weights last set of every exercise. I think u should take liv52 ds..
Test altvikash pathak Jul 24, 2015

Hello Vishant,


Do you think so that liv52 will work on my condition, ?



Test altvishantkumar201... Jul 24, 2015

I think so..
Vikash really ur diet is perfect. I think u should try once liv52. Its works mostly in this cases.
Dude my diet is half of ur diet and more simple's picture
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Apr 11, 2016
hello, Hi my name is abhi.i want to gain muscle size but unable to that .i tried many whey proteins but failed to get results.but my belly bat increases.please suggest any good height is 6 feet 2. age 27. Regards, abhi

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