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Sep 21, 2015

Not getting significant gain

I am working out for last 2 years and taking Whey protein supplement post workout (have used Ultimate Nutrition, Optinum Nutrition and Musleblaze) however I don't see a significant gain in terms of muscle size. My workout routine is as follows; Monday: Chest + Cardio Tuesday: Triceps + Upper abs Wednesday: Shoulders + Cardio Thursday: Biceps + Lower abs Friday: Back + Cardio Saturday: Legs
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Sep 22, 2015

I need your proper data like height, weight, age for better suggestions.

If you are on your ideal weight then go for a muscle builder first like MUSCLETECH Nitrotech, MUSCLEBLAZE Whey pro, RONNIE COLEMAN Proantium etc.Also take 6 rich protein diet and hit your gym minimum 6 days in a week.


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