Nutrition Week - 5 critical food choices to make on this National Nutrition Week


Every year from 1st to 7th September National Nutrition Week is celebrated. This week highlights how important the right nutrition is for the human body. A well balanced diet with the combination of various nutrients is crucial for the human body. Whatever your age is, the nutritional requirement cannot be ignored. Good nutrition is very important as it maintains the ideal weight, prevents the risk of chronic diseases, improves immunity and promotes overall well-being.

Essential nutrients are components that the body cannot produce itself are present in very inadequate amounts which is why you should focus on eating right.

This National nutrition week here is the list of 7 critical food choices to make, which will help you to stay healthy for the rest of your life.

Choose Indian Thali

Indian thali is an essential part of the dietary culture in most of the Indian regions. It serves a selection of dishes that are specific to that particular region. Thali has a lot of significance in the Indian food tradition not only because of its variety but also for its health benefits. Do you know a basic Indian thali is perfect for weight loss and immunity? Yes that's right! Indian thali provides a perfect balance of fibre, protein, carbs, vitamins and minerals. According to a study, meals in Indian thali help restore the bacteria, and healthy micronutrients in it keep you full for longer and help in weight loss. All you have to do is make the right choices like lentils, in grains you can have unpolished rice, unprocessed wheat (not maida) that are locally sourced and seasonal vegetables with less oil and spices.

Use Spices & Herbs Wisely

Indian herbs and spices are known for their therapeutic properties and health benefits that they offer. But that doesn’t mean you mindlessly put everything in your diet, you should be careful when using spices. For instance, garlic is the main ingredient in Indian cooking, but the excess use of garlic is not even good for health, try to use garlic in your one meal of the day and if you are a fan of masala chai then do not have more than 2 cups of the day. Limit the use of spices in your food, too much spices can cause inflammation. Use less and mindfully to get better benefits. And choose the powdered spices with their natural oils intact.

Choose Local Over Imported

Avocado, cornflakes, quinoa, is something that most of the people include in their diet plans. You need to understand that eating the things that your body is used to can do wonders for your body only if eaten smartly and consciously. For example, chia seeds, hemp seeds, and quinoa are fibre rich foods, but local equivalents like ragi, dahlia, and barley have similar health benefits, are cheaper, and your body is much more comfortable with it. So, choose local grains, fruits and vegetables as most of the superfoods and the effective ones you will find in your region, you don’t have to spend a fortune on these imported fancy food items.

Say Yes To Ghee

Add ghee to every meal but watch the limit. For instance, daal rice, roti vegetables will require less quantity and dal bati and puran poli will need more. If you are looking to include healthy fat in your diet, go for ghee it is excellent for digestive health, keeps the skin glowing and keeps the joints healthy too.

Eat Mindfully

Yes, you read that right! Before you eat your meals, take three mindful breaths, chew your food properly and enjoy your food, doing this will help in better absorption of nutrients and promote your gut health too. So, next time you sit to have your meal, keep your gadgets aside and focus on what you are eating.

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