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Mar 27, 2016

pain in back bone ,knee joints at morning,not able to do household work

Iam kaberi mohanty,femal and age is 44. mensturation priods had very irregular and stoped since 2 yaers,having one child and under gone two sizerian at 2003 and 2005 for delivery of baby.Now my height is 4'10" and weight 60 kg. my Blood Pressure is always low like 100/70.At morning hours I felt very pain at my entair back bone,I am feeling uncomfortable for dayto day house work and checked at orthopedician but found no bone problem.I hope some nutrins/food suppliment may help me tp recover,I am interested for AMWAY product.I need your suggession
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Mar 27, 2016


Joint pains are likely to occur post pregnancy. But there are ways to overcome it. Firstly, you need to concentrate on calcium and collagen, this combination will amplify calcification in your connective tissues, try obtaining from food sources or add a bottle of supplement. Make sure you dont miss them. Secondly, you need to focus on dynamic stretching or power yoga and mobility before your workout sessions, make sure you release your shoulder and pelvic girdle, rotor cuffs and spinal column. Dynamic stretching lets your muscle fibres nourished and filled with blood, lubricating your joints as well. Thus, your protected from unnecessary injuries while lifting. Thirdly, during your exercise and stretching sessions make sure your postures are perfect dont compromise it while adding weights. Fourth, have 3 macro- and 3- micro meals on workout days. Fifth, avoid jogging each and every day, rather go for a brisk walk, it will help your lumbard to recover.


Try it out and let me know.




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