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Dec 05, 2016

Please let me know a best weight loss plan

Myself 164 cm n now 85kg over weight, suffering much because of this overweight. I was a good lifter at gym once but stopped for over 2 years. Whenever I try to start with lifting weights, I become very much exhausted n some times like I had a heart attack, after some time of work out. It become very difficult for me to join the gym again, because I m nervous about happening that again, the heart attack type effect. I think it's because I might have done much with heavy weights. I have done the exercises with the same weights with which I used to do on regular basis. Kindly advice me to proceed further.
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Dec 12, 2016

In your condition, the problems that you are facing it is highly advised that you workout only under expert supervision and guidance. You may speak to our experts at 0124-4616444 for detailed workout/diet plan.



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