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Jul 03, 2015

Please tell me the diet and supplement schedule for the day ?

from past 5 months i was going to gym in evening nut 3 months just went away in reducing my weight from 76 to 64 and then i took a councelling  and started to build muscles with support of supplement  ON whey protein and vegen diet(althoughi did'nt have a very good knowledge of diet  n i am still researching and gaining knowledge on the same) and now i have joined office and it's hard for me to go in the evening , so now i am planning to shift my gym timings in morning, but then again i am confused then what diet schedule i will follow because in recent past only i got comfortable with my diet routine and to change it again is looking tough. SO CAN YOU PLEASE TELL ME THE DIET SCHEDULE AND SUPLEMENT SCHEDULE FOR ME WHEN  MY GYM TIMING IS 6:30 TO 8:30 IN THE "MORNING"(SUPPLENTS I AM USING ARE WHEY PROTEIN AND MULTIVITAMIN TABLET AND I HAVE JUST BOUGHT GLUTAMINE MUSCLETECH )? PLEASE TELL ME THE CONSUMPTION TIMING FOR THEM.
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Jul 04, 2015

hi shriyam,

can u pls tell me ur present deit n food habits?


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Jul 05, 2015


Just to clarify. You said you're vegan but you're consuming whey. I am guessing this means you can have milk, dairy. Can you have eggs? As far as supplementation goes:

1. Have the multivitamin first thing in the morning or at night, whichever is convenient for you

2. Glutamine should be taken post-workout with your whey protein

3. Have a protein shake 1 hour before you workout and follow your workout up with another shake containing whey+glutamine. 1 scoop of whey each shake. Also take in plenty of eggs (if you can) and throughout your day keep your protein intake high. Please provide further information for a better analysis.

Hope this helps!


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