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Protein Shake Mistakes You Might Be Making

Written By Latika Gupta

Many of the bodybuilders consider protein shakes to be their one point solution for muscle building. Though, they show quick results but are you taking them right? Here are the common protein shake mistakes you might be making!

It is a known fact that high protein foods can curb your appetite to keep you feeling full for a longer period of time. Studies have also suggested that protein rich breakfast suppresses hunger far better than your carbohydrate-laden breakfast. Because not all have the substantial appetite for protein-rich breakfast, protein shakes have some up as a perfect solution. 

For a bodybuilding enthusiast, protein shakes are the simplest way of building muscle quickly. Also, protein shakes help in reducing your recovery time after an intense workout. But like everything else, the great amount of protein intake brings great responsibility. If  you do not practice caution while including protein shakes in your diet, you might end up hurting your own body. 

The fact that protein shakes help you burn fat and keep fat at bay as well, will make you add protein shakes to your daily diet without any further delay. However, a study conducted by the University of Montreal found that 3 out of 4 bodybuilders and professional athletes fail to reap the performance and recovery benefits of protein supplements as they do not know how to take them properly. 

This means, knowingly or unknowingly you are making some protein shake mistakes that are hindering your muscle building progress. In your bid to get the fittest physique with protein shakes, we have decoded here some of the common protein shake mistakes you might be making. 

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Adding dried fruits, sweetened nuts, sugar loaded almond butter and other high on sugar ingredients to your protein shake is a perfect recipe of health disaster. 

If you are really finding it difficult to get accustomed to the taste of your protein shake, add low sugar ingredients to it. Some of the popular blends for a delectable protein shake include unsweetened coconut milk, freshly ground flaxseeds, and frozen raspberries. With these easily available ingredients and of course your protein shake you can blend fat blasting breakfast for yourself within minutes. 

Too many options in the protein shake market often leave us pretty confused. This also makes finding the right kind of protein powder a challenging task. While the market is flourishing with the variety of proteins in the form of whey, whey isolate, gold standard whey, casein protein, soy protein and a lot more, not all are meant for your particular requirement. 

For example: Whey protein is the second best protein found in milk after casein and is the most commonly available protein powder for bodybuilders. Though whey gets absorbed quickly and is a great pre and post workout supplement. But as a meal replacement shake, whey protein is certainly not the right choice. Whey protein has the same insulin raising effect as does your white bread. This means, you will start feeling hungry after an hour of your whey intake with the temptation to eat something calorie laden. 

So, no matter what kind of protein powder you chose make sure it contains at least 20 to 25 grams of protein per serving. To find this out make sure your read the nutrition label beforehand. If you are very bulky and want to lose significant amount of weight or recover from some injury then you can increase the quantity to 30 grams or more. 


In this another common mistake, the importance of reading the nutrition label should not be ignored. Some manufacturers use preservatives, fructose, sugar alcohols and artificial sweeteners to make their products more palatable. All these ingredients in your box of protein powder should be enough for you to raise the red flag. 

Always look for protein powder with fewer ingredients that have low sugar impact. Some of the common names for sugar that you can find at any protein powder’s label include: syrup, juice, concentrate, sweetener, and fructose. Also, always buy product from a well known and trusted brand only. 

Whether to take it before a workout or after workout remains a matter of constant dilemma for men. Top it with the belief that as long as protein is in your system you are sorted and most of the guys end up taking their protein shake at the wrong time. The fact is when it comes to protein supplements their timing is as important as the ingredients you are taking with it. 

As per the experts, the best time to take protein shakes is within an hour of your workout. This is the time when your body is most receptive. Also, your muscles need the right kind of fuel to recover and repair themselves after an intense workout. Protein shake intake post workout also leads to faster growth of muscles. 

if you are consuming protein powder regularly, then chances are high that you would be making some of the above mistakes. However, if u have noticed something wrong with commercial protein powders then feel free to share the same with us.
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