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Mar 08, 2017

Question regarding supplements

I have been training continuously for 2 months now. I have been training from 4 yrs. now, had a break recently for almost a year from gym and rejoined recently. The problem is that I am not able to achieve the best results from my exercises due to lack of diet as I live in a hostel. Someone suggested Creatine and some suggested BCAA. I have heard that BCAA burns your fat and provides the required protein on the other hand, creatine helps in increasing muscles, provides energy and it also helps in gaining weight. I dont want to gain weight , this is the first time that i am taking supplements please help me with it. Should I take Creatine or BCAA? In case you have other suggestions please help me out. Thanking you, Avinash Khatri Male 21 yrs. Weight: - 78 kgs Height: - 5'11
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Apr 04, 2017

Hi Avinash,

Basically BCAA comprises of the 3 essential amino acids that helps in muscle recovery, and hence it is taken intra workout for faster muscle recovery. Creatine on the other hand provides you stamina as well as takes water from your body and stores it into your muscles, hence helps you in gaining muscle size. Creatine is not something that is necessarily required, you need to take whey protein as well as you can add BCAA for faster muscle recovery.


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