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Hi, I have been working out since 4 years now. I have tried a lot of whey proteins and mass gainers and they have worked very well for me. But since a year, whenever I take either whey protein or mass gainer I immediately get acid reflux and a really bad headache. I have switched a number of proteins and gainers but I always get the same problem. I love to workout and my schedule doesn't allow me to follow a strict diet hence the supplements. I do not know what might be the problem with this. I am not even lactose intolerant. Currently, I have to take ProteinX which is doing fine for me. But it doesn't provide me with the calories and proteins I need to build back my muscles. Can anyone help me out on this? Thanks.
Can I use muscleblaze mass gainer pro with creapure as a pre workout and for post workout six pack nutrition bulk
I have gained a lot of weight and fat post marraige which makes me feel awkward at times.How can I reduce my weight now and control the weight ?
mam i am confused that which creatine i should buy please tell me in between muscletech platinum or myprotein creatine



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