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Dec 11, 2015

Reduce lower tummy

i have been working past 1 year i had gain nice upper body shape  but i am feed up with tummy part i want to loose my tummy what should i do 
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Jan 16, 2016


 As you have been working out for quite a long time and now want to burn the belly fat, so you can go ahead with the below mentioned supplement along with the high protein low fat diet and at least 50 min of workout which also includes HIIT( High Intensity Interval Training) after weight training.

1)MB Whey Isolate-2 scoops per day(1* 2 Times)( post workout + any other time in a day)

 2)MB BCAA6000-10 grams per day ( Intraworkout)

3)MB Fish Oil-2 capsules per day 

4)CLA-3000mg ( Before workout)

5)Carnitine-3000mg ( Before workout)


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