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Jan 12, 2018

Regarding my thinness of fingers

I am having thin fingers a compare to my body and those also are not straight if I open my Palm... the middle three ones would be little bit curvical rather than straight. I am worried about it little bit. Can you please provide me possible solution to strengthen them and make them look straight.
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Jan 15, 2018


Regarding your fingers strengthening, there are few exercises to strengthen the fingers which include Claw stretches through a gripper, or you can try this way -Lay your hand palm side up on a table. With your opposite hand grasp and hold the affected finger at the middle section just below the end joint. Bend and straighten the finger at the end joint only while holding the rest of the finger straight. Repeat for each finger, along with claw stretch. it will help you strengthen your finger but you can not change the shape of the bone. Please take medical advice for this.  


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