How To Lose Belly Fat Within a Month?

Are you tired of your belly fat and want to get rid of them? Abdominal fats are the most stubborn guests of your body, who never seem to leave. This is that nuisance that makes your dress tight and is responsibleLose Belly Fat for deteriorating your health condition. However, nothing is impossible as with proper exercise and diet, you can lose them easily. In this article, we will be sharing a few tips and tricks that will help you to lose those stubborn fats within a month.

When we say more and more fluids do not consider those sugar-filled aerated drinks as healthy fluids. To reduce your waistline you need to drink lots and lots of water. Now you must be wondering how to reduce body fat with water? Well! Water helps in flushing out toxins from your body, helps in regulating your metabolism rate and aids in proper digestion. This helps in reducing bloating problems and burning more calories, which in turn, helps in reducing your abdominal fats.

Are you wondering how to lose fat using supplements and are they healthy? Consuming good quality fat burner or weight reduction supplements are effectively helpful in reducing belly fats and yes these are absolutely healthy. HealthKart Keto Burner is one of the best supplements that is loaded with vital nutrients that supports healthy weight loss. This product contains Garcinia cambogia fruit extract that is known to promote fat loss by inhibiting the synthesis of oxaloacetate and acetyl-coenzyme A (acetyl-CoA) which are the building blocks of fat. Green tea extracts contain Catechins and caffeine, which help in regulating your metabolism rate and thereby helps in reducing belly fats. Now MCT Oil is another amazing supplement that helps in reducing belly fats. These supplements are loaded with essential minerals and vitamins that not only aids in weight loss but also helps in keeping you healthy. You can also use supplements like green tea and apple cider vinegar, these are great for reducing belly fats.

If you wish to lose body fat, then the first thing you have to do is keep a check on your diet. You should include more protein and fewer carbs in your diet plan. You can eat more sources of protein like pulses, eggs, milk, beans, etc. and try to avoid refined food like white bread, white rice, which are sources of carbs. Also, include essential fatty acids and nuts in your diet chart, this will help in cutting down excess fats from your belly. Say no to junk food or food that contains sugar, if you really wish to lose belly fat. Instead, try to eat more green vegetables and fruits. However, it is advisable to skip eating potatoes and bananas, if you are on a weight loss spree. Have more and more fibrous food items, this will aid in proper digestion and thereby reduction of belly fats. Some of the best fibrous food includes oats, carrot, quinoa, barley, etc. You can also include seeds as these are a healthy source of vitamins and minerals. Some examples include chia seeds, flax seeds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, etc.

Exercise helps in burning the extra amounts of calories and therefore it is a must if you want to lose fat from your body. Some of the best belly fat exercises include crunches, running, cycling, side dumbbells, skipping, aerobics, etc. Try doing more and more cardio along with floor exercises as these help in burning stubborn belly fats. You should include yoga along with these fat-burning exercises to reduce fat. Some of the best yoga includes anulom vilom, dhanur asana, surya namaskar, butterfly yoga, etc. These exercises help in boosting your metabolism rate and boosting your immunity, along with reducing belly fats.

Conclusion: If you follow a good diet plan along with regular exercise, then you will surely get the desired results within a short span of time. Stay connected with us to know more about fitness.

Wellness Tips for Women

A woman’s mind and her body undergo multiple changes right from birth, puberty, pregnancy, post-pregnancy to the time she gets menopause. She has to play several roles in her life be it of a daughter, a mother, a wife, or a successful entrepreneur. The unprecedented changes in her lifestyle to cope up with the many challenges can show a lot of repercussions on her health and body. Therefore, it is vital that she should know the right way to keep herself well both physically and mentally.

Here are some mental and health tips for women,  that will help her stay fit and happy:

The first and foremost thing that one has to keep in mind is eating the right food.

Here are some healthy dieting tips:

  • Eat protein-rich food like eggs, lentils, milk, etc.
  • Eat fewer amounts of carbs
  • Include more fibres to your diet like oats for breakfast, pulses, etc.
  • Cut down sugar as much as you can
  • Opt for green vegetables and fruits that are rich in vitamins and minerals
  • Lessen the amounts of junk food intake
  • Say no to soda
  • Lessen the amounts of alcohol intake

If you are pregnant or trying to conceive, then here are some pregnant women healthy food ideas:

  • Your body needs extra amounts of calcium and protein during pregnancy, therefore you need to increase the amounts of dairy products.
  • Increase the amount of folic acid intake. This can be done by consuming more and more green leafy vegetables like spinach, broccoli, etc. You can also include eggs, legumes, avocado intake as these are considered healthy foods for a woman during pregnancy.
  • Consume sweet potatoes as these are rich in vitamin A, which help in the proper development of the fetus.
  • Omega 3 plays an important role in pregnant women’s healthy diet plan. Try to consume salmon as these are rich in both DHA and EPA, which helps in the development of baby’s brain and eyes.

Along with eating the right food, one should also burn the calories that are being consumed throughout the day. There are a lot of exercises and yogas that help in enhancing women’s fitness journey.  Here are some workouts that might help in burning some extra pounds:

  • Go for a walk if you do not like to go to the gym. Make sure you do brisk walking and not strolling.  If you want some tips for a healthy heart, then nothing can be better than brisk walking or running.
  • A lot of girls nowadays are facing problems with PCOS and PCOD, which can cause a sudden weight gain and increase their insulin levels. Yogasana and the right diet are the best health tips for girls who have these problems. There are a lot of yogas that will help in regulating your menstrual cycles, reduce your weight and improve hormonal disbalance.
  • Go to the gym and do cardio exercises and weight training.
  • Turn on the music and dance on your favourite song. 

Drink a lot of water as it helps in flushing out the toxins from your body. In fact drinking, 3 to 4 litres of water can also help in reducing your weight. You can also make detox drinks using fruits and mint leaves, this will help in detoxifying your body from within and bring a shine to your skin. You should also try to skip tea and coffee and instead opt for green tea. Drinking lots of water is one of the best tips for a healthy pregnancy too as it helps in maintaining the amniotic fluid in the body.


With the increase in age especially after 30, women are at high risk of cervical cancer. Therefore, it is mandatory for women to go for a pap smear test after every 3 years of gap. This is one of the best women’s tips that can help her stay healthy and disease-free.

Taking the right food is important but sometimes due to the busy schedule of a woman’s life, she might not be able to get the proper nutrition. There are a lot of supplements that help in providing proper nutrition for women. One such supplement is JustHer Protein with Herbs, which is a gluten-free supplement that is loaded with nutrients that help in regulating hormones in a woman’s body and providing the required amounts of protein.

Conclusion: Good mental health and good physical health both are equally essential for staying well. While we take care of our physical health, we sometimes tend to ignore our mental health. Try to talk to your loved ones, share your thoughts with them and if you are into depression try to seek the advice of a psychiatrist ( there is no harm in that). Stay healthy, do exercise, eat the right food, sleep a lot, stay happy and stress-free.

Weight Loss: How to Lose Weight During Sedentary Lifestyle

Weight loss is one of the biggest issues in the health world. As it doesn’t have only one reason, the approach of achieving the goal varies as per reasons. There is a common notion to lose weight and that is burn the calories that you have for one day. So health experts suggest taking supplements, home exercises for men, or many more. But it becomes tricky when we are in a sedentary lifestyle and don’t have enough time to exercise or feel lazy by sudden change of brain from sedentary jobs to physical activity. Here you will find everything that will help you to lose weight during the sedentary lifestyle.

A sedentary lifestyle is also called inactive lifestyle wherein most of the time in a day goes in a lot of sitting or lying down without sufficient or no amount of physical activity. The sedentary lifestyle cause of many diseases including:

  • Risks of certain kinds of cancers.
  • Depression and anxiety.
  • Cardiovascular risks.
  • Decreasing muscle mass in the skeletal.
  • Elevated cholesterol levels.
  • And Being overweight

Jobs must be done but you can make lifestyle changes so that your health will not suffer. There are some fixes to the sedentary lifestyle everyone should keep in mind.

  • Take a walk to the workplace.
  • Avoid lift, use staircases and include the weight loss exercises at home.
  • Stand instead of sitting while using public transport.
  • Walk during the lunch breaks and you can take Protein For Man/Women with your lunch so you will feel fuller and can avoid the unhealthy snacking.
  • Set the reminder to stretch or walk in every half hours.
  • Try to work by standing.
  • Consume more water, protein breakfast, and nutrients.
  • Get your water, coffee, or tea by yourself by walking to the pantry.
  • Receive your calls outside and walk at the same time.
  • Join any fitness activity. Usually after such a long time in sedentary jobs, we don’t feel like doing exercises so have Pre workout one hour before your workout timing that will give you enough energy to start.

If you are up to losing weight in a sedentary lifestyle, you need to follow one simple rule that is burn more calories than you are receiving in a day which looks quite impossible in a sedentary lifestyle. Follow some tips to make your metabolism function even if you are in a sedentary lifestyle.

  • Limit your calorie intake per day that is called portion control. When you overeat, the fat stores in unwanted body parts like waist, buttock, thighs, and belly. This is very hard to burn if it has already taken place. Try to have a complete protein food instead of carbohydrates and fats.
  • Cut down sugar: Sugar has dominated our lifestyle and is a great source of calories which results in unhealthy weight gaining. So choose your bite carefully.  Avoid all foods which are high level in sugar like chocolate, cake, sweets, doughnuts, and many more. You can say yes to jaggery, honey, deserts, and other natural sweets. You can use whey protein isolate as it is almost lactose free.
  • Say no to processed foods: Processed food is the best friend of sedentary lifestyle and obesity. These are dip fried in the refined or other health hazardous oil. Many chips, snacks, and others are not immune from it. So, use the food which contains olive oil, ghee, whey protein, coconut oil, mustard oil instead of them.
  • Micronutrients intake: Micronutrients like vitamins and minerals are very capable of boosting our metabolism that helps us to lose weight in a healthy way. Include himalayan or pink salt in your diet for minerals and fruits for vitamins.
  • Fat burning workouts: Try to do strengthening and flexible exercises which are the best fat burning workouts. Include running, swimming, bicycling, weight training, body weight training, dance, acrobatic, and others in your lifestyle.

Yes, it is shown in many studies that a sedentary lifestyle increases the risk of adolescent depression. In the study sedentary lifestyle was found correlated to depression. Increasing sedentary hours per day were increasing depressive symptoms by 11%, 8%, and 10.5% among children aged 12, 14, and 16.  Whereas increasing physical activity was soothing these depressive symptoms. The study concluded that increasing the amount of physical activity can ease upon the mood swings, impaired concentration, lacking in pleasure, and many more instead of a sedentary lifestyle.

Though technology has blessed us with so many benefits in education, health, travelling, easy access, ordering from one place, booking a cab just by sitting on the chair,  and many more, there are some side effects of the comfort of a sedentary lifestyle. These side effects contain a high amount of death risk so must be addressed at priority. So that our comfort of sedentary lifestyle and health can go hand in hand.

10 Reasons Children Should Exercise

There was a time when kids would not go back home until sunset because they were busy playing outside. But with the advent of mobile phones and portable gaming devices, children are spending more time indoors, cooped up in a corner. Restricting the movements of children is causing obesity and also hindering their overall development. This has become a major reason of concern for most of the parents around the world. Here are ten reasons why children needs to do some sort of physical exercise for at least 2 hours a day:

Yes! Being overweight has been a major issue nowadays with most of the kids. It is a general tendency of kids of this modern era to get their eyes glued to their parents mobile phones or simply play games on their play stations. This not only affects their eyesight but also hinders their normal growth process, causing their weight to be more than their ideal weight. There are a lot of good exercises for kids that can help them shed some extra calories and maintain a healthy body weight. If your child loves to play games, then why not enroll him into some outdoor games like football, swimming, basketball, etc.

Regular exercise helps in improving the cardiovascular health of your children. Exercise helps to pump blood and oxygen around their body. In fact some of the healthy exercises for kids like running and swimming are also known to reduce the risk factors linked with cardiovascular health such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and obesity.

A balanced diet along with some exercises helps in improving the flexibility, coordination and strength of your child. Push-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups, and tug-of-war are some of the fitness exercises for kids, which helps in strengthening their muscles and thus improves their flexibility and overall health.

Exercise works the same way on bones just like how it works on the muscles. Yes! Regular exercises are known to make both the bones and muscles of your child stronger. Bones are made of living tissues and therefore it changes accordingly to the forces applied upon it. Exercises for kids like running, jumping and climbing help their bones to build more cells and become more dense.

Motor skills are linked with your child’s motions and movements. Fine motor skills involve even the slightest movement of muscles of your toddler. Some motor skills improving physical activities for toddlers are setting a target and letting them hit it with a soft ball and making clay dolls. These activities help in improving their hand and eye coordination.

There are some kids who suffer from problems like fidgeting, lack of focus, etc. these are some symptoms of being a hyperactive child. Football, cricket, etc. are some exercises for children that are known to reduce hyperactivity in kids. These sports help in increasing their focus too.

Improper posture in children can lead to headache, back and neck pain along with fatigue. There are a lot of kids’ workouts that help them improve their posture such as stretching, jumping, etc.

Studies have also shown that regular exercising helps in improving a child’s academic achievement. Yes! You read that right. Regular exercise encourages your child’s brain to work better by multiplying their nerve cells. It also strengthens the interconnections of these nerve cells and thus protects them from getting damaged.

Exercise is known to boost their confidence, improve their mood, increase positivity and thus strengthen their self-esteem. Exercise is also a fantastic way of relieving stress and anxiety.

Kids workout or games like cricket, basketball, football, etc. that are usually played in a team, helps your child to learn a lot of things. The first thing that they learn is gelling up friends, there are a lot of kids who find it very difficult to come out of their shells. Sports like these helps them become a team player.

When it comes to fitness for kids, parents cannot simply close their eyes. As you can see there are a lot of health benefits of doing regular exercise. Exercise not only makes your child stronger physically but makes them stronger mentaly as well. So, if you want your child to grow into a healthy adult, then make sure to invest some money on enrolling them to a sports or dance club, rather than investing on a playstation.

Beat The Odds, Beat The Stereotype

Being an ardent lover of sports like basketball, Akshat always believed in staying fit and healthy. He was constantly motivated by greats like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Ronnie Coleman who are known for their intense training and sculpted bodies. But, his journey to the perfect physique was not an easy one.

In a small town like Ajmer where he hails from, going to the gym or seeking these physical goals is normally not what is expected of a 13 year old. Needless to say, Akshat faced a lot of criticism for wavering from the regular goals set for a boy his age. He was relentless and started working out anyway. With the posters of Dorian Yates, Jay Cutler, Arnold Schwarzennegar and Ronnie Coleman looking over him, he decided that he would, one day, look like them.

Now that was not an easy goal either. Being from a small town, he did not have access to a lot of information or even facilities that one needs for a transformation as massive as the one he hoped for. That did not stand in his way either. He joined a regular old school gym and began to train. The next step was to learn about fitness and the right techniques to get in shape. He purchased books and read up as much as he could to understand how to work on himself to achieve the goals that he dreamt of. Once he started, his journey was not as easy as it seemed.

Akshat belongs to a body type that is known as a hard gainer in the world of bodybuilding. These individuals have extremely high metabolic rates, which makes it difficult for them to gain weight and bulk up. The diet plan needs to be rigorous and the training must be extremely intense in order for them to begin to see a change. He was willing to go the extra mile. He was quite the determined young man even at the age of 13.

This was followed by a massive injury that would throw anyone off track quite easily. But, the only thing that he knew was that he wanted to be like his idols. There was no challenge that was too big to hold him back.

Today, he has a fully structured routine that keeps him in the best possible shape. And, it is his focus and determination that makes his story so inspiring. If you have been trying hard to gain mass and build volume, Akshat’s story is all the inspiration that you will need. No matter how many odds you have against you, all you need is some motivation and the willingness to give it your all when you are in the world of bodybuilding.

Your fitness journey will be full of obstacles but overcoming them will make the results even more worthwhile. Here is Akshat’s amazing transformation story, his own struggles, and his advice to anyone who is looking at pushing themselves to achieve more with each training session.

What motivated you to start training and pursue bodybuilding?

I was always into sports and physical activity. I loved playing basketball particularly. But there was something that always bothered me. My body was extremely skinny and I was always underweight. It also hindered my performance in basketball. The first thing that motivated me to take up training was to get better at basketball and become stronger. So, I decided to join the gym when I was 13. That was not well received by my family and other people in Ajmer, where I hail from. There were many misconceptions and people actually believed that this was not a healthy choice.

But I had a goal in mind. I wanted to be like Arnold Shcwarzennegar, Dorian Yates, Jay Cutler, Ronnie Coleman and other Mr.Olympia champions. For me, it was about looking stronger and to look like these men.

To learn more about fitness, I picked up Arnold Encyclopedia of Bodybuilding. It changed my life completely. I had found the industry that I wanted to be in. I wanted to make a mark in the world of bodybuilding and fitness.

How was your general lifestyle and diet before you began to train seriously?

Before I started training, my lifestyle was very normal. I did not have particularly great habits and did not make the best choices in food. I used to have three meals a day like everyone. I had no idea about what was good for me and what was bad. It was only after I started training that I began to focus on my diet and it is still one of the most important aspects of my training schedule.

What does a typical day at the gym look like?

I normally work on one muscle each day and focus on training my core. My training does not involve too much cardio. So, if I have to breakdown my training program, this would be the typical flow:

I ensure that I get to rest on Saturdays and Sundays. I believe that one of the most important aspects of achieving the results that you want is giving your body the time to recover. Only then will you be able to consistently push yourself to do better.

What is the diet plan that you follow?

My diet plan includes 5 meals a day. Eating frequently helps me get the calories that I need because I am an ectomorph or a hard gainer. I need to ensure that I consume a high-calorie diet to sustain my physique.

To begin with I make sure that I get at least 25-30 grams of protein in every meal that I consume. I cycle my carbs based on the workout routine. I also make sure that I get 90-110 grams of fat each day to keep my body in the gaining mode.

Can you take us through some of the biggest challenges that you faced?

Like I said before, I was faced with a lot of criticism when I first started training. I did not have the knowledge or the facilities that I needed in order to train the way I wished to.  That was not really the biggest challenge that I faced. It was three years ago when I had compression fracture in my spine that I felt all my dreams just shattering. I was asked to stay on the bed for a good 4-5 months.

However, in my mind I always knew that I was not going to stop. I was even more determined to make a stronger come back. I became very serious about fitness and my life in general after that accident. When everyone told me that I could not workout anymore, I was just determined to push harder.

Do you have any advice for others who are working on their own individual fitness journeys?

Being consistent is the only way to achieve what you dream of. You should also be careful about the products that you invest in. Look for authentic supplements and follow a good diet. Remember, if your mind believes it, your body achieves it.

From Recovery to A Ripped Physique

The reality of today is that junk food is a lot easier to access than healthy alternatives. Fast food and snacks are readily available to be it in the office canteen or in a supermarket. And with the busy work schedules that people have these days, these are the only options available at times. Things were no different for Sagar Arora, 26, who made fitness a priority but seemed to fall short always thanks to poor lifestyle choices. 

All it took was one episode of extreme digestive issues thanks to aerated drinks, caffeine and other junk that crept into his diet to push him harder to achieve what he always dreamt of – a fit physique. 

Sagar talks about his extreme health issues that prevented him from eating anything at all for months. The results were obvious, he began to lose muscle and his body became weaker by the day.  Then, he made his way to the gym one day and realized that it was impossible for him to even do a simple push up comfortably. That is when he decided that he had had enough. That is the day he decided to kick old habits and make way for newer, healthier lifestyle choices. 

Today, he flaunts washboard abs and looks younger than ever. From 89 kilos to 69 kilos of pure mass, his transformation journey is truly the motivation that you need. If you have any health issues or habits that are preventing you from achieving your fitness goals, his transformation journey is just what you need, to get yourself going.

Can you think of one incident that made you realize that it was time to make a change? 

I was always keen on fitness and even began my tryst with it way back in the year 2011. I had even started to consume the proteins that I needed to start building muscle and looking bulkier. But, I cheated. All the time. There was always room for coffee and coke in my diet. Not to mention tons of junk food. It was the latter that really took a toll on my health, leading to extreme digestive issues. It was so bad that all I could eat was plain khichadi for several months. This was in 2017 and I remember feeling disappointed with myself all the time. 

Here I was unable to jog for 15 minutes straight or even do a few push-ups correctly. I rejoined the gym in 2018 but the real wakeup call came when I tried to do my push-ups and failed miserably.

Give us a glimpse of your lifestyle before you actually got hooked onto a fitness routine 

Let me tell you that I am a complete sweet tooth. So sugar was a huge part of my diet. Be two desserts each day or 2 packets of biscuits, I just need that sugar rush to function. So, this was possibly the hardest thing for me to give up. Like I said, I always wanted to be fit. This is why I even went on a high protein diet when I first joined the gym. 

As expected, I did develop muscles fast. But all the junk that I included in between my meals had a bad effect on my digestion. My stomach was completely messed up and I could only eat certain bland foods. All the muscle that I developed for the last six years disappeared before I realized. 

But, for me, it was not just about how I looked physically. I hated the fact that I was completely drained at the end of each day. For the most part of the day I felt lazy and lethargic. All I can blame this on is my sugar intake at that time. And the worst part is that I always knew that these foods were bad for me, but continued eating them anyway.

What is your typical exercise routine now? 

It was in the year 2018 that I started going to the gym again. It took me until summer of that year to be regular though. When I did start, it was a basic 5 day weight training and 3-day cardio combo. As I got stronger, I was ready to move on to a more complex training routine. 

Today, I usually work two muscle groups a day and ensure that I get a few minutes of cardio along with it. So, my typical fitness routine is

For me, form is everything. I also try to keep my muscles going in between training and avoid resting for more than 1 minute in between sets. 

My HIIT consists of 30 seconds of cycling or sprinting with a break of 45 seconds in between. 

I usually hit the treadmill for my cardio. When I use the treadmill I like to keep the inclination level at 10 and the speed at 6 km. I also use the elliptical from time to time at level 15.

What is your diet like now? 
I follow a 30-day low carb diet after 60 days of moderate carb diet. Repeating this cycle twice helped me achieve my fitness goals much faster. I also have a few supplements in my diet including an Isolate Whey Protein, Multivitamin tabletsand fish oil capsules. 
My diet now includes: 
  • Breakfast: A protein shake immediately after I wake up. Then, the actual breakfast includes an 8 egg white scramble with a cup of boiled oats and one apple. If I am on a low carb cycle, I avoid the apple. 
  • Lunch: 250g of chicken with a bowl of salad and brown rice. During the low carb cycle, I cut the brown rice out. 
  • Evening Snack: 5 boiled egg whites with a single slice of toasted bread and a few nuts: During the low carb cycle, I avoid bread. 
  • Post Workout: My regular protein shake. If I am not on the low carb cycle, I include a nutrition bar as well. 
  • Dinner: A plate of salad and 250g of Roasted chicken. 
  • Night Snack: If I am out late or am working into the night, I may either have half a scoop of protein shake or some nuts. 
I make sure that I drink at least 4-5 liters of water each day. This is a must to sustain a rigorous fitness routine. 
Image Credits- desiaesthetics (IG Handle)
What challenges do you face when it comes to your regime? 
Work is the first challenge. There is a lot of pressure and timings can get erratic at times. So, the first thing to take a hit is my diet. But I make sure that I do not miss training and eat as clean as possible even if I am eating out. 
My love for sugar still exists. When I am out with friends and family, I do indulge in the occasional dessert. But I make up for it with a few minutes more of cardio. But most importantly, I try getting back to my diet as quickly as possible. Even if I have 3 bad days, I make sure that the 4th day is back to my regime. In the end, it is about your overall process and not about those bad moments that you may have for several reasons.

Do you have any advice for people who are struggling to achieve their fitness goals? 

The first thing you need is patience. It is not easy to switch to a healthy lifestyle overnight. So take your time. And, you will realize that fitness is not just about the results but is actually the whole process itself. That process is a long one. So keep at it. 
It is okay to have the occasional cheat day. But you can make wiser choices the next time. Find some way to workout every day. It does not have to be the gym always. Take a run around the block or go cycling. The key is keeping yourself active. 
And most importantly, remember that your journey is unique. You can never get the same results as someone else. So stop comparing. Take it one day at a time till fitness is not just a routine or habit but is your overall lifestyle.