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Aug 27, 2015

Six pack tips please. i am unable to lose stomach fat even after working out a lot

Hi Ryan, I am a 25 year old male. I have been working out since last 3years. I have been successful in buidling all the upper body muscles. However, stomach fat is one big issue I have always faced. I gain stomach fat if I miss working out one day. This is mostly because of my diet I guess. Kindly suggest few exercises that can help in losing belly fat quickly and also the correct diet. Another issue is that the intake of protein with milk cause indigestion making life uncomfortable for me. Can you suggest something for this issue?        
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Sep 01, 2015

Hi Anand, 

We have two superb articles that will answer your questions on a six pack and how to lose belly fat.


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Sep 01, 2015
Take high protein diet and low carbs and fat , skip soft drinks ,rice , junk food, sugger, Do cardio 30 min after workout. Take cassien before bed at night.

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