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Jul 31, 2017

Skinny fat

Could you please explain skinny fat.I am 22 years ,weigh 61.5 kg and height 5.7 ft. I have been working out since last 2 months, with each day focusing on individual muscle.But my belly fat/size is constnt.Should i also start HIIT ? IF yes, then how much? I will ne obliged if you could take time out of ur busy schedule, to answer this. Thanks
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Aug 11, 2017


 When you have less of muscles and more of fat in certain areas of body then you might have skinny fat. As per your credentials, your ideal body weight is 70 kg and you are already at 61.5kgs. Please check out your fat %, as you must know whether you have extra fat or not, as some times it's under tissue water which gives you bloaty feel.

To burn fat increase your muscle mass through strength training and high protein diet. The higher the muscle mass, greater will be your fat burning in the body. 

Focus on core strengthening exercise in your workouts, you can do HIIT for 10-12 min after your strength training session.


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