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Sep 15, 2015

Supplements for gain weight safely

Helo Sir, i want to gain weight, but i have no knowledge of supplements. please suggest me some good and safe supplements within a low reasonable cost. 
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Sep 17, 2015

Hi Harish your details not available but you are looking for weight gain better to go for muscle mass gain.

Take 5-6 meals in a day in very small small intervals ( including protein, carbs, fiber) ,do weight traing with body parts like first day upper body part second day lower body part third day funtional training and again reapeat for next three days seventh day will be off day.

  Take Muscleblaze Mass Gainer XXL,Multivatamin, Amino Capsule defenitely you will get good result.

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Sep 22, 2015


If you want to gain muscle  so first you have to take six meals in a day and do workout  regularly..and take mass gainer of Optimum Nutrition.


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