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Aug 27, 2015

Supplements to take for 6 packs abs ?

Hello,           i am working out for quite some time now..never had the urge to get six packs.but now i am quite interested to get 6 packs..i already have good biceps , triceps , chest and all...so can u suggest which supplement to take to help in getting six packs......whether  creatine or casien protein or glutamine or garicina cambodia or any other ???
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Sep 03, 2015


See you can go for whey protein isolate because it is low carb protein and fat free which give you recovery instantly moreover you need to do abs and legs training twice a week not more then that so your that muscle can recover well beside this you can use glutamine for skeletal muscle recovery at bed time 5 gms  and you can use garcinia cambogia or any other fat biurner for 1 month for burning fat before workout 1 cap if you are taking glutamine then no need to take caesin because both give you recovery.creatine is not good when you are trying to make abs because that stores water .


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