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Can Lifestyle Changes Reduce Your COVID-19 risk?

Since the Covid-19 outbreak, we have all had just one thing on our mind. How do we survive the pandemic? Taking precautions like social distancing, wearing a mask when we step out in public and washing our hands regularly are important. But, is there more we can do to stay protected from the inside? Building immunity is the need of the hour and you can achieve that with good health habits

Read all about how a few simple lifestyle changes can reduce the risk of getting infected by the Covid-19 virus. 

Reduce Your Sugar Consumption

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Increase the amount of balanced diet food in your routine and cut down on sugar as much as possible to keep your immune system active. Excessive sugar consumption causes a condition called sugar lethargy in the cells of your immune system, making them less effective in warding off pathogens. This effect remains for at least 5 hours after you consume sugar, making you vulnerable for that period. Sugar also affects the balance in your gut bacteria, increasing the population of the harmful ones. This affects digestion, reducing the ability of the white blood cells to fight infections effectively. 

Eat Food That is Rich in Vitamins and Minerals

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Eat healthy, stay healthy, this is a mantra that we have all heard of. Even with the Covid-19 Pandemic, a good diet can ward off infections to a great extent.  The goal of a good diet during these times is to nourish your immune system and ensure optimum metabolic function. Balanced diet food sources that are rich in vitamins and minerals like Vitamin A, B6, B12, D, C, iron, selenium, folate, zinc and copper help boost your immunity. They can be found in most fresh produce and other foods like seafood, nuts, lean meat, dairy products and legumes. You can also add a reliable supplement like Top Gummy Multivitamins for Adults to your diet, to make sure that you get your daily required intake of these nutrients. 

There are dual benefits of consuming a diet that is rich in vitamins and minerals. First, it helps prevent getting infected by the virus. Additionally, if you do contract an infection, the impact is reduced, allowing your body to recover and heal faster. 

Get Enough Sunlight 

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We have all been confined to our homes as a result of the Covid-19 virus. However, some time on your balcony or spending a few minutes in any area in your home that gets ample sunlight is extremely important. Vitamin D, or the sunlight vitamin, is known to ward off respiratory infections. In the UK, NICE guidelines suggested that people consume vitamin D supplements to reduce the risk and impact of the Covid-19 virus. There is ample research to show that individuals who have a Vitamin D deficiency are most likely to test positive for a coronavirus infection. 

So make sure to soak up some sunlight every day. You can also add a supplement like Healthkart Vitamin D3 to your list of good health habits to prevent a Covid-19 infection. 

Keep Your Body Moving 

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There are countless ill effects of leading a sedentary life. Weight gain is definitely one of them. Your metabolism is also affected when you are spending a lot of time sitting down and not moving. Given that we have all been at home for so many months now, even the risk of issues like high blood sugar or cholesterol levels increase. They can lead to other comorbidities like diabetes or high blood pressure. We have all read about how individuals with these conditions suffer from more severe symptoms of a Covid-19 infection. 

It is also a known fact that stress and anxiety levels have increased because of the social and economic impact of the pandemic. The best solution to all of the above, in addition to eating balanced diet food, is to sweat it out for at least an hour each day. There are several exercises and fitness programs that help you stay fit even when you are at home. An hour of dancing, yoga or high-intensity exercises can go a long way in keeping you safe. 

Reduce Your Alcohol Consumption 

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Alcohol is known to weaken the immune system as it loads your body with chemicals and toxins. This also burdens your liver, making toxin breakdown and fat metabolism inefficient. This not only increases the risk of getting infected by the Covid-19 virus but also increases the chances of conditions like Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome. So, make sure you limit your alcohol consumption

With these good health habits, you can protect yourself and your family. However, remember that lifestyle changes are not magic cures to any health issues. Even if you notice the slightest symptom of a Covid-19 infection, call your healthcare provider immediately.