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How Green Tea Helps Lose Weight

If you are eyeing that LBD, green tea can come to your help. Read to find how green tea helps lose weight.

While the recorded history of green tea dates back to 3rd century BC in China, there are chances that the drink was consumed even before that. For those who don’t know, green tea is the healthiest beverage on the planet. The active ingredient in green tea is polyphenols, like flavonoids and catechins that function as powerful antioxidants. Not only green tea keeps you mentally active in old age, it also reduces the risk of degenerative diseases like cancer.  Drinking green tea inhibits risk of heart diseases and stroke. The credit for all these health benefits simply goes to the star performer EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate), one of the catechins and an antioxidant.


Several scientific studies confirm the effectiveness of green tea in weight loss. For instance, a study published in an issue of American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, green tea has been shown to activate the body’s thermogenic fat-burning activity. In this study, subjects drank an optimal amount of green tea (690 mg of catechins) for 12 weeks. Post the duration of the study, the subjects taking green tea in the required dosage experienced a reduction in their waist size and total fat area. As an active partner in your weight loss plan, green tea promotes metabolism to increase fat burn and also improves your body’s insulin sensitivity to keep you lean.


EGCG in green tea restricts the breakdown of norepinephrine hormone. This is the hormone that your body secretes when it perceives danger. As the level of norepinephrine rise in the blood stream, it is a signal for the fatty cells to unlock the key and release fatty acids into the bloodstream, where it can be utilized as a source of energy. The whole process translates in fat loss for the weight loss seeker.


Drinking green tea and exercise gel well together, as you’re likely to multiply fat-burn ability of exercise. A study conducted on 12 young men goes on to prove that drinking green tea improves the rate of fat burn along with exercise. Your body has a fat burning sensor in the form of gene signal AMPK (5 adenosine, monophosphate-activated protein kinase). Between meals and after exercise, your body activates the fat burning sensor. It is a signal for your body to burn fat. However, when you eat on purpose, the sensor switches off. Green tea turns on the fat burning gene during both exercise and rest. In most studies, drinking green tea helps to increase calorie burn by 3-4%, although few studies increase the rate of fat burn to 8 percent.


Green tea activates metabolism by using energy from calories to burn fat. The key mechanism in the whole process is the activation of brown adipose tissue. Research has found out that lean and active men have more of brown adipose tissue as compared to sedentary, obese adults. EGCG in green tea activates brown adipose tissue to produce heat from the fatty acids stored in it. The net result is weight loss


Leptin is the satiety hormone. It acts as a signal to the brain to stop eating and burn fat. Leptin levels are known to be elevated in obese individuals. As a result, they become resistant to it and feel hungrier. Green tea keeps appetite in check. Naturally, reduced calorie intake coupled with an active metabolism helps you shed fat faster.

So, give green tea a chance because it helps boost your metabolism, speed fat burn by increasing your energy expenditure and keeps appetite in check.  Enjoy it hot or cold to trim your waistline.