healthy valentine day

Look After Your Health & Wellbeing This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is around the corner. It is a celebration of love but it can also be a reason for stress. People who are in a relationship might feel pressure to make this day perfect and memorable for their partner. The ones who are single might feel alone.

This year why not embrace this day by turning your attention to your well-being and be your own valentine. By following a healthy lifestyle, healthy habits, food, and self care you can not only have a healthy, happy holiday but a healthy life regardless of your relationship status. 

In this article we will share some tips that will help you to understand how to take care of your wellness and mental health this valentine’s day. 

Listen To Your Body 

Body and mind are connected. Eating a well balanced diet and following a healthy active lifestyle not only help in boosting your physical health but emotional well-being too. Vitamins and nutrients help with optimal brain function and other bodily functions and a proper workout routine can help in eliminating anxiety and stress. 

Practice Mindfulness

There are thousands of things that you will find on YouTube and articles that will tell you that you can get a healthy, stronger brain which will lower your stress and protect you against depression and anxiety, boost mood and give you better sleep. The only key to this is practicing mindfulness. This practice makes you aware of your thoughts, sensations and feelings. There are so many ways to practice mindfulness like breathing technique, noticing your body, noticing your emotions, taking a mindful shower, mindful walk, eating and much more. 

Connect With Good Friends 

Friendship can have an impact on your well being and mental health but it is not always easy to maintain friendships. Let’s not just limit the friendship word to the people of your age, you can be great friends with your sibling, your cousins, your parents or anyone who can understand you, support you and value your presence. Isolation can negatively impact your physical health and your mood, so this valentine makes an effort to reach out to your loved ones, the people who make you feel valued and enjoy with them. 

Take a break from social media and have plenty of rest

In order to function at your best it is very necessary to have 7 to 9 hours of sleep every night. Without it you can feel irritable, sluggish and it can ruin your entire day. So, make sure you go to bed every day at a reasonable hour. Also, another important thing that you should do is unplug from social media from time to time. Too much of Facebook and Instagram can be bad for you. So instead of scrolling through social media this valentine’s day try to make real world connections by in person visit or phone calls to those you care about. Overall, following a healthy lifestyle is important for long term good health. 

Say No To Temptations

Indulging in drugs and alcohol will make you feel worse in both body and mind. These things may give you that temporary escape from reality but it has long term negative effects that are not just worth it. So try to avoid situations that can make you tempted to smoke, drink or do drugs. Instead indulge in healthy valentine treats, healthy valentines snacks or make some healthy valentine recipes at home. 

Accept & Love Yourself

Above all, one of the most important things that you have to do this valentine day is accept the way you are and treat yourself the way you would love to treat your valentine with respect, love and kindness. Have a positive self talk, praise yourself, forgive yourself for past mistakes and be hopeful and optimistic about your future. If you want to, just go ahead and buy yourself some clothes, flowers or treat yourself with your favourite food or healthy valentine’s day treats or any healthy valentine’s day snacks.

What are your thoughts on this healthy valentine day? What are your 10 healthy habits that you would like people to know and your favourite healthy valentine treats recipes that you want to share? Feel free to share with us in the comments section below.