permanent weight loss

Discover the Secret to Permanent Weight Loss


Anyone who is pursuing weight loss with dedication knows that more than losing weight, sustaining it, is the bigger challenge. Usually, the lost kilos have a penchant for finding the person back and shedding weight, the next time becomes more difficult than earlier. The reason behind it is the slowed metabolism which makes it important to make lifestyle modifications to sustain the weight loss. Incredio tells you more about the healthy way to weight loss. 


Putting it simply, excess weight and surplus calories go hand-in-hand. When your calorie consumption exceeds your calorie expenditure, the surplus calories get stored in your body as fat. Most people after losing weight revert back to the diet of the pre-weight loss days. What they forget is that essentially the same diet had created a caloric surplus for them in the first place. Moreover, when you diet, your body begins to save calories. Keep a count of your calorie intake to sustain the weight loss.

For success in controlling your calorie intake, you need to 

  • Ration your portion size
  • Eat from a smaller plate
  • Stop eating at the first signs of fullness


Include protein in your diet plan to maintain your weight loss. This food group keeps you sated for longer, nixes hunger pangs, food cravings and helps in muscle synthesis. All in all, you should endeavour should be to eat more proteins in each meal. Though, the need for protein is felt more in the early morning, as your body enters in a catabolic state after fasting for the whole night. Consequently, it attacks lean muscle mass to get the necessary protein. Have a whey shake within half an hour of waking up to halt the muscle breakdown. Plan your meals in such a way that your breakfast should include a generous dose of protein along with complex carbs. A few good options are

  • Steel cut oats with egg whites
  • Brown bread with peanut butter
  • Milk and bran flakes
  • Yoghurt with fruits


Meal replacement shakes are useful to attain the goal of permanent weight loss. Therefore, on the days when you’ve feasted, it makes sense to replace your dinner with a meal replacement shake. You can also pick two days in a week when you should have meal replacement drinks in lieu of dinner. This will negate the effect of any indulgences you might have committed during the week by controlling your calorie intake. Carry the sachets of meal replacement shakes with you when you travel for work. This will help you set right the dietary excesses, you may commit during the day.


Fiber is your ally in sustaining weight loss. Loaded with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, fiber keeps you full for longer at minimal calories. To get the generous dose of fiber, include fruits, leafy greens, whole grains cereals in your meal plan.


Metabolism casts huge impact in sustaining your weight loss goals. Begin to resistance train to tweak your metabolism in your favour. The more muscle mass, you’ll have better responsive will be your metabolism. Keep yourself hydrated because thirst not only masquerades as hunger, it also causes a drop in your metabolism. Sleep well to lower your cortisol levels and remain active. Together, these cast positive effect on your Basal Metabolic Rate, the rate at which your body burns calories to maintain its activities.

 Live well, stay happy and recruit these tips for permanent weight loss.