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Worried About Weight Gain During COVID-19? You’re Not Alone

Most of us have been restricted to our homes since the Covid-19 outbreak. With work from home being the norm, our lives have become a lot more sedentary. Our access to gyms and health clubs have also been cut off, leaving us with very few options to maintain a good fitness regime. So, it is natural to worry about weight gain. However, with a few simple healthy lifestyle tips, you can stay on track and maintain your weight until you can get back to your hardcore routine. 

What Do The Stats Say? 

Weight Gain

First, you need to be reassured that you are not the only one struggling with weight management through the pandemic. A survey conducted online of over 800 adults in the United Kingdom was recently discussed at the European and International Congress on Obesity. It revealed that almost 63% of the survey group faced challenges when it came to managing their weight. 

There were four primary reasons for their struggle: 

  • Difficulty in getting access to healthy foods:
  • Snacking because of boredom
  • Eating because of anxiety and stress 
  • Reduced physical activity. 

If you are struggling with the same too, here are some practical and easy-to-apply workout and healthy eating tips that you can try. 

How To Manage Your Weight During the Pandemic 

Manage Your Weight During COVID

Weight management is undoubtedly challenging during the pandemic. However, with a few simple lifestyle changes, you can make sure that you not only lose weight but also get healthier while you are at home. 

Stock Up on Healthy Foods

Healthy Foods

Not being able to go to the store as often as before has made it harder to have access to healthy foods to eat everyday. When it comes to fresh produce, you can buy your stock for a week or a fortnight. Experts say that freezing your fruits and vegetables and consuming them can still give you a good concentration of vital nutrients. This is certainly a better option than not eating any fresh produce at all. Alternatively, include foods like whole grains, lentils, and dried beans in your diet as they can be stored for longer periods of time.  

Schedule Your Meals Correctly

Schedule Your Meals

Although you are at home, you need to make sure you eat on time. When you are working from home, it is quite easy to skimp on your meals and even miss you meals at times. Make sure you take time to follow a healthy eating routine. If you do not have the time to eat three large meals, one of the best healthy eating tips for you is to break your meals down to smaller portions. That way, you stay fuller for longer. These meals are easy to eat in between your online meetings as well. 

Choose Healthier Snacks

Healthy Snacks

When you are watching your favourite series, working on a stressful project or just feeling bored at home, the urge to snack is strong, no doubt. You can find healthy foods to eat everyday even during your snack time. Baked sweet potato wedges, vegetables and hummus, a bowl of salad or even a protein bar like RiteBite Max Protein Daily Bar are tasty options that you can include in your diet. 

Stay Hydrated 

Stay Hydrated

Drinking enough water is one of the most common healthy lifestyle tips given by nutritionists. When you drink enough water, you also have more control on your hunger pangs. Water keeps you feeling full, light and refreshed. Most often, we tend to mix up the feelings of thirst and hunger. The next time you feel your stomach rumbling at unusual times, drink a glass of water. If you feel satiated immediately, it was just your body reminding you to stay hydrated. Adding a slice of lime to water is a great idea during these times as it keeps your immunity up as well. 

Workout at Home 

Workout at Home

Even if you are unable to hit the gym as often as you would like to, you do not have to miss out on your workout sessions. Options like HIIT, yoga and simple weight training at home are just as good to keep you fit and active through the pandemic. Schedule a time for your workout everyday in order to stay consistent. It also helps if you wear proper workout gear as it keeps you motivated to workout. 

Relax and De-Stress


These are stressful times, given the economic, social and emotional difficulties that we are all experiencing. All the healthy eating tips or workout ideas cannot help you stay consistent if your mind is at unrest. The best way to relax is to find activities that stimulate you mentally. Try to learn a new skill or go back to a hobby that you missed out on with your hectic schedule. Meditation and breathing exercises are highly recommended to keep you relaxed despite the uncertainty that comes with the pandemic.