sangram chougule diet and workout plan

Sangram Chougule Diet and Workout Plan

A passion is what makes you awake and keeps you motivated on many sleepless nights. When you feel that passion inside, you become unstoppable whatever it costs.

Sangram Singh Chougule is one of those names. He left his electrical engineering just to follow his dream of bodybuilding.

Despite many obstacles, peer and family pressures, he didn’t give upon his dreams. In fact, obstacles only multiplied the numbers of Sangram Chougule titles by winning 7 times national championship in bodybuilding. That is his becoming of Sangram Chougule MR India from a common bodybuilding enthusiast.

He didn’t stop there. Mr Universe title was in the line. He won the title. Now you know him Sangram Chougule MR Universe.

Success takes perseverance and hard work no doubt. But maintaining success costs more if you are not truly passionate. You can’t be a Sangram Chougule MR Universe second time from a common bodybuilder.

Sangram Chougule bodybuilder is not a name, title, or identity today, he is an inspiration for all the new generation of bodybuilding. He is still as passionate as the years back when he started crafting his passion in 2000.

MuscleBlaze wants to know everything about Sangram Chougule from his age, body, diet charts to a workout plan. So that MuscleBlaze can add some value in the life of young and passionate bodybuilders.

Becoming Sangram Chougule bodybuilder: Sangram Chougule came to know about his passion in the year 2000. He was pursuing his engineering degree. Every day, he used to train himself for 3 to 4 hours. During this period he participated in a local bodybuilding competition in Pune called Khadki Shree. He won that competition. That was his never looking back incident and a story of his becoming Sangram Chougule bodybuilder.

Sangram Chougule age: Sangram Chougule was born on 5 November 1979. Now he has completed his 40 years.

Sangram Chougule Diet and Workout

According to Sangram Chougule, diet and workout go hand in hand. You can’t neglect any of them over another. If a workout is important to get muscles, diet is critical to get nutritions to recover those muscles. So that combining these two can give you an aesthetic body like Sangram Chougule body.

Sangram Chougule Diet: We saw Sangram Chougule’s diet chart. We are surprised to know that a strict diet plan and continuity are made on the foundation of many sacrifices, the taste is one of them.


4 ounces of oatmeal, 2 whole eggs, 2 pieces of brown bread toast, 6 ounces of cooked chicken

Mid Day Meal

Lean Protein and Complex Carbs, Good fats, Rice and green vegetables, olive oil, cooked chicken

Late Dinner

Lean Meat and a cup of vegetable and Rice

Last Meal

Casein Protein Shake

Sangram Chougule Workout and Supplement: After just waking up, Sangram Chougule takes a scoop of amino acid and fat burner. 15 minutes after that, he starts his cardio session that lasts for 20 minutes and it follows up with a protein powder supplement. That is included in Sangram Chougule workout routine for 6 days in a week. With intense workout, Sangram Chougule is accompanied by a pre-workout drink and BCAA Powder with water while working out to maximize the training sessions.

Workout Advice To New Generation of Bodybuilders

Usually, beginners follow the advanced level workout of well-trained professionals. That is the best mistake they commit as they can’t continue it due to the intensity. And give up easily. So it is better to start from scratch. It is necessary to make such a workout plan that can train bigger muscle groups as well as a smaller muscle group. If possible train under a good trainer or follow this basic workout guide designed for beginners.

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Day 1

back and bicep with two to three variations of each and with each variations reps should be 8 to 12

Day 2

Chest and Triceps

Day 3

Shoulders and Quadriceps of Legs

Day 4

Hamstrings, calves muscles and Legs. you can do ABS every alternate day



Sangram Chougule Suggestion For Busy Professionals:

Are you working in a corporate world yet want to pursue your passion for bodybuilding? Yes, it is quite tough but achievable. You have to keep your daily goal realistic.

  • Focus on building endurance and muscle strength, unlike the professional bodybuilders who can cross the extreme limits.
  • Professional bodybuilders can avoid water and salt consumption for days just for highlighting the muscles. But if sedentary professionals do that they can end up by not doing good in their jobs. So focus on fitness first.
  • Your aim should be aiming or engaging your core muscles in your breaks rather than sitting too long or slouching the desk for the whole time.
  • For corporate professionals or sedentary people, stretching glutes and hamstrings are very much important. So do it whenever you take time.
  • Improve your sitting posture. While sitting at the desk, pull your chair toward the ceiling and sit up.
  • Actively contract abdominal muscles so that these don’t atrophy whenever you get time.

Bodybuilding Myths:

Sangram Chougule is committed to breaking every bodybuilding myth you have in your mind.

  • Spot reduction is one of the biggest myths. People do multiple crunches without having a proper diet for getting six-pack abs. It will just end up damaging muscles only.
  • People think that gym guys will become flabby as they age. It is also not true.  Sangram Chougule adds to it that strength training is true for living young as two times Mr Olympia Frank Zane is living testimony of it.

Sangram Chougule also says that age is just a number. One can achieve his fitness goal in any age whether you want to have a lean or muscular body. You just need to have proper diet planning, supplements, training, and rest. Be or do better than yesterday because it is a long path to cover.