Stop Hair Fall

How to stop hair fall – List of 7 hair fall control food

Hair fall is one of the most commonly experienced problems among individuals across the globe. This could be due to several reasons such as the deficiency of essential vitamins and minerals, lack of exercise, improper blood circulation, etc. There are always a few easy steps that you can take to ensure how to stop hair fall or prevent it from happening in the near future, one of which is to optimise your diet and nutrition.

How To Stop Hair Fall Using Dietary Supplements 

You can control hair fall by adding the following nutrients to your daily food intake:

1) Zinc


Zinc is one of the most abundantly found minerals in the body and carries out several functions including the repair of hair tissues and maintaining their growth. This mineral also signals the body to maintain the natural oil levels found in the hair follicles to control hair fall. 

Having a deficiency of zinc is one of the most common reasons behind hair loss. This can be identified by symptoms such as poor wound healing, a weakened sense of taste and smell, and prominent hair loss.

You can make simple lifestyle changes such as following what to eat to stop hair fall. However, it is also recommended that you consume zinc supplements as a way to meet the recommended daily allowance of this mineral and control how to stop hair fall. 

2) Iron


Next on the list of what to eat to stop hair fall is iron. It is a significant component of your blood that is responsible for carrying out the transport of oxygen throughout the different cells in the body.

Not maintaining the right levels of iron intake can cause your body to enter into survival mode. This is a state in which all the oxygen present in your body is diverted towards the functioning of essential organs, thereby cutting off oxygen flow to your hair follicles.

Continued deficiency of iron can lead to further health complications such as anaemia and muscle loss. You can identify an iron deficiency by common symptoms such as anxiety, shortness of breath, and restless leg syndrome. Consuming this supplement can be a key answer to how to stop hair fall. Consider including natural sources of iron such as spinach, eggplant, and lean protein to maintain healthy hair growth. 

3) Vitamin C

Vitamin c

Although it best works as an antioxidant, Vitamin C is also a key component to control hair fall. It is useful for boosting the body’s absorption of iron, while also providing a natural intake of collagen to the body. This helps in strengthening the hair follicles and providing them with better elasticity. 

It also stimulates the flow of blood within your body and ensures that there is minimal breakage and friction within individual hair strands. You can get in your daily dose of Vitamin C by consuming natural whole foods such as citrus fruits, dark leafy greens, and vitamin supplements. This can be a viable solution to how to stop hair fall.

Lack of Vitamin C can also lead to health complications such as scurvy. You can identify this from symptoms such as loss of hair, bleeding of gums, and weakened muscles. 

4) Biotin

biotin for hair

Biotin is perhaps the most essential answer to the question “how to stop hair fall?”

It is one of the most scientifically researched B vitamins and is responsible for carrying out essential functions such as strengthening your hair follicles by making them denser and thicker. It also maintains the structural integrity of a natural protein found in our hair called keratin, which is also responsible for the condition of our nails.

While you can get more than adequate intake of biotin from your daily food intake, consuming naturally sourced biotin vitamin supplements in the right amounts can ensure that you can stop hair fall for a long period of time. Apart from these functions, biotin is also essential for maintaining healthy metabolic activity in our bodies. 

5) Niacin


Another component that is required to stop hair fall is Vitamin B3, otherwise known as Niacin. This vitamin is useful for boosting the healing process of damaged hair cells. It can also be useful in reversing the effects of harmful cosmetic agents such as sulphates and parabens on your hair.

Maintaining a proper intake of niacin for a prolonged period of time can also improve the thickness of your hair glands and add more elasticity to your hair, giving it a fuller and denser look. One of the most effective tips to control hair fall is to consume natural whole foods such as milk, leafy vegetables, and red meats in order to get the recommended daily allowance of niacin. 

6) Vitamin A 

vitamin a

Not only is Vitamin A useful for maintaining your reproductive and immune system, it also plays a primary role in keeping your hair healthy. The consumption of Vitamin A, also known as retinol, aids the secretion of a substance called sebum in your body, making it a prominent entry on the list of what to eat to stop hair fall. This helps in strengthening the hair follicles and keeps your hair strands from breaking, making an effective response for how to stop hair fall. 

Lack of Vitamin A has shown a direct correlation to the increase in hair fall. Apart from this, other common side effects of having a vitamin deficiency include dry skin, diarrhoea and a malfunctioning immune system.

One of the most important tips to control hair fall is to consume natural and whole food sources such as dark, green leafy vegetables and dietary products that are high in Vitamin A. It is also essential that you regulate your Vitamin A intake as too much of it can have unintended consequences. 

7) Vitamin E

vitamin e

Vitamin E is one of the most important nutrients that you can consume to prevent hair fall. It primarily operates by systematically reducing the inflammatory response caused on your skin and scalp when exposed to harmful allergens. 

Additionally, it also minimises the action of the free radicals on your body, thereby preventing hair fall and premature greying as well. 
One of the best tips to control hair fall and maximise the effects of Vitamin E on your body is to make sure you are consuming a healthy balanced diet along with the tropical supplementation of Vitamin E. This helps in boosting the body’s production of collagen and promoting healthier skin cells in your body.