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The Best Bodybuilders Of All Time

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The Best Bodybuilders Of All Time

If you are someone who is just beginning to venture into the world of bodybuilding or just workout weight loss, it is a good idea to have a source of motivation, a person to look up to, and it does not get better than setting legendary bodybuilders as your inspiration. While some of these bodybuilders end up winning numerous titles and awards, the rest go unrecognized for the rest of their lives no matter how perfect their muscle form or definition. Which is why everyone has different opinions on who makes it to the list of the greatest. 

Here are some of these bodybuilders who have managed to go through the trials of the fitness world and have stood the test to be known as the best bodybuilders of all time. 

Kenneth Wheeler

Also known as the Sultan Of Symmetry, Kenneth ‘Flex’ Wheeler has managed to curate an impressive career with 17 different professional titles over the years with his body type mesomorph. His greatest setback was when he failed to win the Mr. Olympia, a coveted title that many bodybuilders can only ever dream of achieving. But that did not hold him back.  

Flex Wheeler won the Arnold Classic four times and also managed to pull off the much talked about Triple Crown in 1997, which involved winning the Ironman, the Arnold Classic and the San Jose Classic. HIs success was primarily attributed to his perfect physique, a perfect combination of muscle tone, proportion, size, and symmetry. Wheeler earned praise from the likes of bodybuilding legends such as Arnold Shwaezanegger and Ronnie Coleman themselves. 

Ronnie Coleman

Ronnie Coleman was a man who went ahead and set up an entire milestone for a new generation of bodybuilders by lifting a weight of nearly three hundred pounds, a feat that very few have been able to achieve since. 

He was also fiercely competitive and fought 26 winning titles over the course of his career, and even managed to bag eight Mr. Olympus titles. HIs training videos have been often described by observers as cruel and scary to watch. In the early stages of his career, Coleman had the complete physique; a muscle size to be envied and a great symmetry to go along with. However he had but one snag. By the later stages of his career, it was evident that Coleman had a slight lack of definition in his midsection, bringing his long and inspiring career to a graceful end. 

Arnold Schwarzenegger

You cannot bring up the topic of bodybuilding without Arnold’s name popping up. At just twenty years old, Schwarzenegger was the youngest person ever to bag the title of Mr. Universe. He went on to win four more Mr. Universe titles as well as seven Mr. Olympia titles. 

Even though he did not start out with the best physique in the game, Arnold worked his way to becoming a living legend in the bodybuilding circuit. Aside from bodybuilding, Arnold Schwarzanegger also made a name for himself by taking on prominent roles such as the Terminator, as well as becoming the Governor of California. 

Frank Zane

On a different end of the spectrum, we can see that Frank Zane, a bodybuilder whose highly defined and toned physique managed to create an entirely new genre of bodybuilding called ‘Zane-like physique’.

Most people who want to build muscle have stated that they would definitely choose Zane’s body as the one they would model themselves after. Zane went on to develop his physique to the point that he actually beat Arnold Schwarzanegger in the 1968 Mr. Universe title.

The highlight of that fight was that at the time, Zane weighed about sixty pounds less than Arnold.Zane has been known to concentrate on muscle definition and paying proper attention to detail that many bodybuilders end up ignoring. This dedication went on to earn him three Mr.Olympia titles as well, making him one of the legends. 

Dorian Yates

Another name that deserves a place in the bodybuilding hall of fame has to be Dorian Yates, six time winner of the Mr. Olympia title. Yates has been primarily identified for his unwavering work ethic, setting an example not only for aspiring bodybuilders, but people everywhere. Yates was said to be a machine of pure focus and commitment, as he dedicated every single day of the year working out, experimenting with several brutal and intense routines. 

Thanks to his laser focused determination, he managed to stand his ground against the likes of his genetically gifted competitors such as Ronnie Coleman and Arnold Schwarzanegger, going to prove that you do not have to start from a good place to make a name for yourself in the world.  

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