The Importance of Good Nutrition


Unhealthy habits of eating have contributed to obesity, malnutrition, and related health issues around the world. Even physical active people are struggling to maintain good nutrition due to busy lifestyles. They are struggling to maintain healthy weight, reduce the risks of heart diseases, free radical releases, good blood sugar level and many others in absence of nutritional values in their daily meals.

Why To Have Good Healthy Meals

Food choices for each day affect your health for today and tomorrow by providing nutrients your body wants. Although nutrients are needed in a decent amount in the body, these are crucial to maintain on a daily basis. Good healthy meals combined with good training can help you to maintain weight and fight against obesity and malnutrition both. Along with that good diet foods help to limit the risk of various chronic diseases including cancer, diabetes, heart issues, and many more.

Diet and Nutrition


Nutritional diet provides you all kinds of macronutrients and micronutrients that are very much needed to live a healthy life as health and nutrition go side by side. Your nutritious food contains seven classes of nutrients mainly which includes water, vitamins, minerals, protein, fats, carbohydrates, and dietary fiber.

Macronutrients: Macronutrients are needed in large amounts in the body and are the building blocks of skin, cell, tissues, and muscles. These include water, fiber, fats, protein, and carbohydrates. Sources of macronutrients and pulses, milk, whey protein, eggs, meat polutory, whole grains, and many more. Diet and nutrition should be in a balanced ratio to reap the benefits of nutrients.

Micronutrients: These nutrients are needed in smaller quantities in the body but are needed on a daily basis. These include vitamins and minerals which are the building blocks of the immune system in the body. Sources of micronutrients are fruits and vegetables. So, never take the micronutrients for granted while creating your food nutrition chart.

3 Best Healthy Recipes

Meanwhile creating a food nutrition chart you need to incorporate these three healthy recipes to get maximum nutritions.


Boiling Ginger, Tulsi, Mint, Cinnamon, black paper, elaichi, and many other herbs together can make a perfect herbal tea that supports your immune system. You can add honey for maximizing taste and benefits. You can use Green coffee beans extract to replace the herbal tea without compromising the health benefits. Or use green tea for the same health benefits.


When I talk about juice, I mean vegetable or herb juice. Fruit juice is not as good as the whole fruit is. You get the wholesome benefits while eating whole fruit but you will get only a higher level of sucrose if you consume only the juice and that will be not as healthy as you think it is. While talking to herb or vegetable juice, you will get those essential vitamins that get evaporated while cooking. Wheat grass, ginger, turmeric, tulsi, guava leaves, and indian gooseberry are the perfect combination of a healthy and tasty beverage.


While thinking of snacks, junk food appears in our mind as we are getting habitual of it. So break this health hazard habit by including the combination of peanuts and bread, boiled egg whites, sprouts, oats, whey protein supplement and milk, mixtures of nuts, and many more your sources of good nutrition.

Aware of the nutrition fact while putting anything in your mouth. Do you really need that nutrition because a high level of any nutrition can ill effect on you no matter how beneficial the nutrient is for others. Understand the nutritional values in your food and reward your body with an active and disease free lifestyle.

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