Things To Consider Before Joining The Gym After Lockdown


Gyms are one of the major businesses in India that are scheduled to reopen soon. During the lockdown, people did online training sessions, healthy workout, yoga to maintain their health and followed fitness plans, but half of them missed working out at their gyms. So, with this news of reopening gyms, people are considering resuming their gym membership.

There is a responsibility on the facilities, staff, personal trainers and instructors to coach without physical contact. You need to follow some gym safety tips when using gym facilities. 
Lockdown may be lifting, but the virus is still going to be around. So, joining a gym for beginners, an experienced one, in fact for everyone is going to be a bit challenging with all the gym precautions or gym safety.

Here are the things you need to consider before hitting the gym after lockdown



It is advised to arrive at the gym in your workout clothes and keep all the belongings inside your Gym bag. At the end of the session, keep the dirty clothes into the bag and wash it at home separately from the rest of their washing. Also, use separate shoes for gym workout than outside. 

So make sure to carry this training kit and keep all your belongings in it. Instead of showering in the gym, have a bath at your home. 

Towels and Mats 

Towels and Mats

Towels and clothes can spread germs. It is advised that items you are washing can cause illness so they should be washed at 60 degrees with the bleach-based product. If your gym is providing you towels and you are not comfortable using it then you should carry your own towel and avoid the use of shared products like a towel, and a yoga mat. Also, carry a sanitiser with you. 


Using Gym Equipments

Using Gym Equipments

Do you know a single cough can cause 3000 droplets that can land on clothes, people and surfaces? It is still not known how long this virus can survive outside the body, which means you have to take extra precautions when using gym equipment or gym accessories like gym balls, lifting straps, exercise wheels, etc that others have used in the gym. 

As per the latest guidelines, gym equipment will be kept at an appropriate distance to comply with social distancing guidelines, machines and mats will be wiped down after each use with a disinfectant. Gym goers are going to train fully so it is better to wear disposable safety hand gloves which should be disposed of after every training session at the gym. While using gloves, you need to make sure that you don't touch your face. You can also ask the gym instructor to coach without any physical contact. 

Conclusion: When stepping outdoors, take proper precautions like wearing masks, carrying hand sanitiser, avoiding human contact as much as possible, and avoid touching surfaces when you are outdoors. Follow all the necessary precautions outdoors and gym instructions for your safety. 

Make sure to have a well-balanced diet not just to achieve your fitness goals but also to boost your immunity, this will help you to fight against the virus. If you have any fitness tips, gym tips, gym fitness techniques, healthy good health tips or anything that you think people should know before joining the gym again after lockdown, feel free to share in the comment box below.

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