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Mar 08, 2016

Time to see results and about supps

Hi Sonali, Currently i am trying to transform myself. Ive been eating clean from a month and i am taking multi vitamins, whey, and bcaa. Should i add more supps in my stack and is creatine, animal pack l carnitine necessary?? And in how much time the results start showing on an average. I am 24 , weighing 87.5 kg and my body fat % is around 20%. I lost 3 kgs in 3 weeks
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Apr 16, 2016

Hi Vipin,

You did't menioned your height.As you said you are taking clean diet thats good but calculation of calorie intake in compulsory, take low calorie diet with high protein and high fiber. Use whey isolate protein instead of whey protein, you can add on L-carnetine as well dosage will be  1-2g per day with meal. Do compound movement exercises and after weight training do 15-20 minutes cardio. As your fat % is too high reduce is to 10%. Patience is very important for the bodybuilding.



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