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Aug 27, 2015

Tips to gain mass & weight

Actually i am 19 years old.. Nd few months ago i purchased dymatize super mass gainer 6lbs rich chocolate but even after consuming it i didn't gain any weight or mass build up.. So bw i am not interested at all to purchase any type of supplements neither fromhealthkart nor from anywhere else.. I want to gain natural weight through please suggest me some routine or schedule through which i will gain weight.. Currently my weight is 64kgs nd height is 5ft 10inchs.. So please would u help me to knw how could i gain weight as i love to workout at gym but as everyone say only bones without mass doesn't makes u a bodybuilder dis is wat stops me from working out continously.. I am too much intrestsd in worling out as my family has been in bodybuilding nd strength lifting.. My cousin elder brother is a national champion in strength nd power lifting he was qualified for international tour of kazakistan but due to some family problems..he didn't went..nd dat day he stopped everythng...nd is nw a buisnessman.. But i want to do somethng gud in bodybuildinh so please suggest me some measures to improve..
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Sep 07, 2015


It's not like the muscle gainer didn't work. It's just that you need to understand that no matter how many gainers you have, if you're not eating well or simply put aren't in a caloric surplus; then your body will not gain weight. For more information read the article below:



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