Transformation 2 MIN READ Nov 15, 2022

Took the Bullies by the Horns – Kushagra Bakhtiani’s Journey

16/17 130kg > 80kg 45% > 16%

Why did you decide to transform?

I was overweight since I was in 3rd grade, always bingeing on junk. By the time I was in 8th grade, I was around 105 kgs – yes, a 13 year old boy with this much weight. When I entered high school, I weighed around 131 kgs. By this time, I was used to getting bullied – I felt like I was on the edge. I even couldn’t find the confidence to play basketball – my favourite sport. The never-ending comments from bullies and relatives pushed me to finally decide to transform my body.  

How did you accomplish your goals?

The first month was very tough. I did HIIT for 2 mins and I was completely breathless. I started again and this time I was motivated and disciplined. It was a new me after I joined gym and following a consistent routine got easier day by day.

Training routine that helped you achieve your goals

Monday: I started the week with chest compound with resistance band and HIIT

Tuesday: Shoulders compound with resistance band and HIIT

Wednesday: Kick boxing with HIIT and leg training

Thursday: Arms with core and HIIT

Friday: Tabata compound

Saturday: Yoga

Which supplements did you take?

I took Omega 3 capsules, Vitamin B12 capsules, and plant-based protein. 

What challenges did you face during your transformation?

The hard part was not the exercise, it was the diet. I had the same diet for 6 months at the beginning of my journey. I avoided family gatherings and partying with friends but after 6 months I adopted the flexible diet method which helped me enjoy my favourite food once in a while.

The second problem I faced was staying consistent because it was difficult for the 1st month. It got a little less difficult in the 2nd month which turned into a habit later on.

Suggestion for future transformers

The only advice is – maintain a calorie deficit diet and do a little cardio everyday like skipping, cycling, running, swimming, etc. Moreover, it is important that you stay on a schedule, be disciplined, be serious about your goals, and most importantly – stay consistent.

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