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Jul 24, 2015

Unable to see any gainz even after working out for years

Hi, I been working out for 4 years and from last feb i been consistently hitting wieghts, but i am not seeing any visible gains except for my back. I even started taking one scoop of whey(ON) after being sceptical all this while. After reading a lot on net i even changed my workout schedule every 3 weeks. Is it something related to my bodytype(5.6" 71 kgs) that i gain muscles slower or m i doing something wrong? I want to get lean muscles, Please suggest me a workout plan or anything that will benifit me
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Jul 24, 2015

Hi Mayur,

I really appreciate the consistency that you have shown over the years, 4 years is a decent amount of time. Seems like you are doing everything that one needs to, changing the workout every 3-4 weeks, being consistent. 

The only missing link could be your diet. You see since your weight is 71kgs, you should try to consume about 125-140 gms of protein everyday in your diet. Diet is of course a very important element in any fitness journey.

Calculate the protein break-up of your diet and if you are maintaining the mentioned dose, you will see the desired results. 

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Jul 24, 2015


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