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Jul 19, 2015

Upper chest

I working out from last six months but my upper chest is very weak. I did the incline machine. Bench as well as dumble. Wat should i do to gain muscle in that portion. 
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Jul 20, 2015

The most important aspect of gaining is your diet. Start a high protein diet and gains will come naturally.

For exercises I would recommend heavy incline barbell press & heavy dumbell press. Dont do more than 8 reps. Heavy weights & low reps is key to gaining.

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Jul 20, 2015
Follow 3 things.. 1. Good ratios of carbs: protein: fat in your diet. 2. Upper chest do first because its ur weak point. (Incline bench press wide grip, incline DB press and at the end last exercise bar dips 3 set upto failure. 3. These 2 point works when you do correctly attempt these exercise. "Bodybuilding is all muscle mind connection, just feel it" Pain is my love. [email protected]

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