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Don't eat too much at once.Instead of eating 3 times a small meals5-6 times a day.It ll improve your metabolism and prevent bloating.
If your diet ain't'll never be able to build muscle or loose fat.Cut some oil,rice,roti.if your aim is to loose fat..then you shud combine weight training with cardio.Don't lift full body exercise 3-4 days a week.Squats deadlift burn lot of them often.Do fasted cardio.If you wanna use supps.go for mb fat burner extreme.Ultimately diet is the key.Cut the carbs..fat.Eat more protein.
Take Bcca+Glutamine..!! It ll cost 2600 if u go with muscleblaze.Gonna last 45-55 days
Do decline bench press and dips more...!!
How do I check the powder..?? Believing wats printed on the label is foolish.Did you check wats in that powder in a lab???
2 scoops of protein powder or 10 egg whites?? I don't even know for real wats in that powder whereas I M 100 percent sure wat M getting from egg whites.. & egg whites got no fat.Also it is way cheaper than powder.Same case for mass gainer.We don't know wats in it..complex or simple carbs.So why spend thousands and thousands on powders instead of relying on real food.Food we eat we are sure of wat it'd made of.Sweet potatoes.. Oats..banana.. Egg
No...powders are just only to rob people off their hard earned money. Supplement companies are misleading people to believe that protein powder is the secret to building muscle.They add harmful fillers in their protein powders.A label showing 25g of protein doesn't mean it really has 25g protein..!! You cannot check that on your own..only people that put powders in the jar know wats really inside.
HIT ..high intensity cardio..20-30 minutes 3-4 days a week.Keep a check on carbs.You can use glutamine+bcaas to spare your muscles while doing cardio.Lower your calories and carbs, eat more protein
All these powders are just to rob people off their money.Did you check if in a lab if its has 50g of protein.. Do you know if it has simple or complex carbs..??Think again.. Does it make sense spending 4k-5k just for powders??Eat Real Food dude
Stop buying these powders dude.We don't know wats really in that.If its written 25g protein and 50g carbs..its not necessary that the product really has it.You cannot check that in a lab...can you??So stop buying it and eat Real Food.. Here's a homemade mass gainer and its way cheaper than these powders..Oats+sweet potato+5egg whites+milk+banana+peanut butter..around 900-1000 calories depending on how the amount of ingredients.
Eat Real food.. Oats +peanut butter+egg whites + milk +banana. Carbs fat and protein.. That's all you need.Eat extra calories. You can supplement with creatine+bcaas if u r working out.Don't spend money on whey or mass gainer.Exercise 1 body part pet week..I assure you ll see results.

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