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Hello Harinder, See good thing is that you do workout, may be you are not following the correct diet. few things to keep in mind to reduce post pregnancy weight: 1. Increase protein intake. (Go for natural source inbeginning) 2. Cut complex carbs from your diet. 3. Avoid eating late at night, 9 pm is a good time to have dinner. 4. Dont do abdomindal exercise daily. 5. Never skip leg day. 6. Cross training could help you to make your body a lil more flexible.  Hope this could work for you.   #stayfit
Hello satish, Before just taking any supplement, start doing exercise and rely on natural diet to see if it could work for you. Include some good carbs like oats, peanut butter etc in your diet and avoid eating anything oily.  If it wont work, you can go for any good quality mass gainer (at least 3 month course).   Hope this could work.   #stayfit
Hello sona, I do agree with the above comment, spot reduction isnt a thing actually. You need to cut some carbs from your diet and if you cant go gym then try to do some body weight workout at home only. best for you is- 1. Body weight squats. 2. Lunges 3. Side kicks   Hope this could help. #stayfit
Not a rocket science, just focus on these things:- 1. Dont train them everyday, thrice a week is sufficiently enough. 2. Start running before doing any abdominal exercise, you need to shed belly fat before pumping those abs. 3. Third and the most importat is your DIET.    

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