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But many guys in my gym has told me that it will hold water in the body and will make you look bloat, So that is just my only concern as i was still working on my weight and is there are any other option other then monohydrate creatine? And 1 more thing how much gram should i take to see some effective results?  
Guys 1 more question, Can i take Creatine after my workout as i was still on my weight loose training, Does this help me in add on some strength?
thanks puneet.
Hi Vishant am training from the last july,In the first 3 mnths i cut down around 20 kg and then month by month and now i was stable at around 97-98 with 6 feet height...At starting i was doing more of cardio and running only but from the last 5-6 months am doing weight training also,,,but because of my weak lower back i was not able to concentrate on abs in starting for 8-9 months but now i have started doing the same..Healthkart transformation package?
Follow a gud strict diet and hit the gym regulary,,do lots of running,,Add lots of protein in your diet and defenatly my freind you will achive wot u r looking for:)

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