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bare essential supplements for growth would be 1.creatine 5 mg post workout 2.bcaa pre /intra/postworkout  3.whey protein(i dont consider it as a supplement just a" convinient food source") 4.l-glutamine is produced by the body and gets depleted during heavy workouts..adding 5 mg after workout would be a good choice. CALORIFIC SURPLUS can only lead to muscle growth .eat more clean foods and increase meal frequency.supplements have there role, but after all  they are just supplemENts which wont do any good if your diet is wEak.
For your cutting phase you can use whey protein isolate on the otherhand if you want to bulk up you might try whey protein concentrate .well when it comes to choosing the type of whey you are provided with options such as hydrolized whey,wpc,whey isolate etc.bottom line as long as you are using whey protein after your workout you are good to go.the whey proteins vary according to their absorbtion rate.the faster digesting ones like whey isolates are expensive to produce and thus are costly.
puneet is right 1.check your bmr rate(basal metabolic rate) try to bring it withing range . 2.calculate your calorie intake  based on your bmr 3.gradually reduce calories every week till you are in a deficit of 500 below your maintainence level. 4.reduce cardio to 4times (preferably do hiit[high intensity interval training]),dont do liss(low intensity steady state )cardio.   if you reduce weight by excessive cardio or starving in a short period of time your metabolism will slow down and you feel tired all the time.the trick is to gradually lower your calories.if your bowel movements are irregular probably you need to jump start your metabolism.
thanks for the reply,but i was more interested in the macronutrient ratio's.well i would never use the term "weight loss" becaus  there is difference between weight loss and fat weightloss does not necessarily mean fatloss ,a persons weight can fluctuate due to many reasons,hydration level,loss of muscle mass etc but on the otherhand fat loss is whereby one losses fat gradually improving the bodys conditioning. thanks and peace out bro
rotatory cuff issues can only be treated with scar tissue removal by surgery.alternative you need to keep off gym.shoulder impingement is a serious issue whereby blood flow to the injured area is less.plz consult your doctor asap
oh my good dude you seriously need help. lowering your calories too much will reduce your metabolic rate and would eventually lead to muscle loss and most importantly the "rebound effect is worse".what is the rebound effect?your body will eventually gain back twice the amount of weight which you lost due to your poor and educate yourself on proper nutrition.
google "keto diet" on it for like 6 weeks works every time.there are shortcuts too but better not rely on it.moral of the story get arnd 10 - 12 bf % or may be below 10..
well for arms i am pretty happy with my progress all comes down to the TIME UNDER TENSION .which means you have to control the weight while moving up and down through the entire range of motion.having said that you might want to change the tempo to a 2 sec positive and a 3 sec negative.bro "heavy weights " is a relative term ..pick a weight which you can do for just about 8-12 reps,remember we dont want to be powerlifters ..unless u want to..for bodybuilding give more importance on the range of motion and contraction plus time under tension .
lol man this is so funny...  
i will keep it short so its easy for you to understand educate yourself on macro partioning-protein/fats/carbs now depending on your body type select a suitable diet .i assume you would want to that case i would use -50% carbs/30%protein/20%fats but it all depends on your body type(endomorph,ectomorph,or mesomorph) why is carbs required-? for fueling workouts and protein synthesis why is protein required-?building blocks of muscles why is fat required-?immense source of energy,maintaining immunity in body and allows the body to peform optimally. work on your diet first ,supplements will only complement  once your  in a calorific surplus in case you bulk. one thing i have learned in the past 3 years is that unless your eating above your maintainence level you wont build anything.keep your meals clean and calorie dense. peace out bro keep pushing      
maintain a log book* workout your arms twice a week* exercise selection is important ... biceps(what i do ) barbell curl(on ez bar) 3 x 8 reps preacher curl 3 x 8 reps finish off with hammer curls 3 x 8 reps feel the burn and complete the range of motion  tempo- 2 sec up/3 sec down if you do not track your weights you are wasting time ..add weight every 2nd week even if its by 5 lbs... well as of today i got a 17 inch arms nothing to be proud of ..but i have come a long way....peace out and keep pushing

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