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Hi, Buttline is another stubborn mucle if your working level is sedentary. My suggestion walk every five minutes for every 20 mins lying or sitting on chair. Coming to diet, you need to focus on complex carbs like oats, brown rice or whole grain tawa roti. Make sure you check the sugar contents on each and every thing you buy, yes sugar is your worst enemy. Loose your cravings for deep fries, packet chips, aerated drinks, pastries and cakes. Switch to green tea with apple cider vinegar and honey on the first thing in the morning. Coming to workout, do stretch your glutes and hamstrings before workout. Most importantly, you need to squat in right posture for about half an hour with the same or free weight or 4 sets 20-15 reps weighted. You need to focus on stiffed leg deadlift, knee raise and dont forget your cardio sessions. Try it out and let me know.
Hi, I'm pretty sure this is a big problem for more or less all the endomorphs. Strictly speaking, if you want to get rid of body fat you need to cut off your junk food, aerated breverages and booze cravings. Better stress on 4 macro and 3 micro meals. Add chicken breasts, lentils and skimmed cottage cheese in your diet as in protein source with salad and fruits in carb. Keep your workout sessions intense, 45mins max. rep out as many as you can. Dont skip your cardio sessions, keep varitions in each. If your body fat is above 20% immediately stop having whey and stress on fatburners. BTW try avoiding AC during sleep.  
Hi, That is an interesting question, well you can easily do so by carrying a sand filled gunny bag on your back across 20 steps x 10 flight stairs up and down for 30 mins every day. A minute gap in between each sets. Try it and follow a protein-CARB rich diet. you dont have to add up supplemets if you are above 20% in fat.
Hi, Joint pains are likely to occur post pregnancy. But there are ways to overcome it. Firstly, you need to concentrate on calcium and collagen, this combination will amplify calcification in your connective tissues, try obtaining from food sources or add a bottle of supplement. Make sure you dont miss them. Secondly, you need to focus on dynamic stretching or power yoga and mobility before your workout sessions, make sure you release your shoulder and pelvic girdle, rotor cuffs and spinal column. Dynamic stretching lets your muscle fibres nourished and filled with blood, lubricating your joints as well. Thus, your protected from unnecessary injuries while lifting. Thirdly, during your exercise and stretching sessions make sure your postures are perfect dont compromise it while adding weights. Fourth, have 3 macro- and 3- micro meals on workout days. Fifth, avoid jogging each and every day, rather go for a brisk walk, it will help your lumbard to recover.   Try it out and let me know.    

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