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the imp thing is running. Do running and keep your abs workout tight.running will surely help you out!
Why to take supplements when you have great body..! for abs for lazar novovic abs workout... and your daily normal diet but do abs workout everday.with in a month you'll see difference..!All the best (Y)!
Depends on your body if ur too skinny try weight gainer.. if u have normal mass build it up to bulk by having mass gainer and if u have a good bulky mass then try whey protien to get a good n better shape for ur muscle mass (Y).! All The Best..!
Brisk Walking Would Help You Out And Later When You Feel Like You Can Start Running...! Even Depends On Your Diet.What You Eat//?Is That Healthy Or Not!Green Tea Is Also Supportive To Lose Weight! All the best (Y)!

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