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Pre and Post workout should only have fast digesting carbohydrates like, potatoes, Banana etc. All other times you can have complex carbohydrates like dalia, oats, muesli etc.
7:30 am   700 ml milk 1 Apple 30 g Almonds       10:30 AM   10 Egg Whites 3 Chapati 2 Fish oil 1 Multivitamin 1 Becadexamine 1 Liv 52       Lunch 1:00 pm   Brown rice Mutton 200g Vegetables Curd Vitamin E 1 Vitamin C 1       2:00 PM   Bio 28       3:30 PM   1 scoop pre workout       5:00 PM   2 scoop whey 2 chapati 1 glass milk       7:30 PM   Chicken 200g 100 g Potato 1 chapati 1 vitamin c 1 vitamin e 1 Liv 52       9:00 PM   1 scoop casein protein Bio 28       These are the items included in my diet. You can distribute them according to your requirements. Key: Everyone has different levels where their body fits itself. So, focus on finding yours. The major part would be to eat clean and focus on this much amount of protein, carbs and fats each day along with MICRONUTRIENTS which are VERY IMP. So, vitamin C, E, B-complex, Multivitamins are must have. Along with something for your liver example, liv 52 twice daily. After each major meal take a 5 minute walk.   Try fixing your workouts as well. Find out what your body needs. Good luck!

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