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Hii prashant yes u can lose fat with diet a keto diet is best for fat lost and build muscle at same time just do one make your high protein diet high fat and low carb with low calorie food no junks foos, no cardio just weight training at u will definitely get result to know more u can reply me!
Hey manju first of all u have to do hard work in the gym,eat protien rich food and fat with low carb diet it will help u if do low carb diet,about low carb diet means a keto diet which help u to build muscle and lose fat at same time to know u about more u can reply me!thx
why u need steriod,steriod is harmfull and dangerous we have to take care for that time to time u have to eat more protien more hard work,if u want build your body u can do it naturally also just take a protien diet and workout hard u can see changes,but don't use steroid its have side effect if don't eat proper,really its have bad side effect of steroid u can see a video on YouTube steroid side effect,just build your body naturally with more protien in your diet and do hard work in gym just that is goal u can build!thx
First of all u have to change your deit,diet is your main goal to reach what u want,in many cases diet will help u most,low carb diet will help u to lose fat all over body and say no junk food and oily food and u will see your abs!

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