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Bench press bro... every day. :) Also, did you ever try taking any form of steroid?
Hi Piyush, seems like your are having a tough life buddy. But trust me, working out will ease most of your problems. If the pain persists, try observing your exercise form or posture OR the posture you are sleeping in - most common reasons of pain. If you have recentlry started workng out and are observing pain in muscles, it is completely normal & is called as DOMS. But do try to increase your portein intake naturally or by taking whey protein. If joint pain persits, take joint supplements which have vit d3, calcium, magnesium in it. Observe the change & let us know in this forum.
It is said that abs are build in the kitchen. Any which way, you got to stick to your regime & include ab workout daily. You'll not be seeing results immediately. You'll have to control your diet - cut on sodium - carbs - take good fats only.  Start with any program for abs - there's this popular 30 days ab workout. Just google it.

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