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Okay, cutting period is kind of expensive. All you need to do is train hard and with high intensity, do a lot of cardio (15-20 minutes of running twice a day) and supplement with creatine, whey, glutamine, beta-aniline and a good pre-workout and make sure to cut down carbs and increase fat intake ( only good fats like monounsaturated and polyunsaturated). Take atleast 1gm of protien per pound of your body weight and eat more calories than you burn.
Ribcage can be expanded by doing pullovers with a good stretching.
Go for simple whey protiens, add some nuts to your diet (peanuts and almonds). Eat some lentils (I myself eat moong daal). You can also try some vegetarian protien blends.
Cutting period is basically a time when you lower your body fat (getting BF 3-5%) by eating clean and doing high cardio, this lowers your bodyfat but some muscle is also lost with fat. Loading or bulking is a time when you gain muscle and fat too (getting BF 8-12%) by eating dirty and cutting down cardio. 
In my opinion, mass gainers are waste of money, all you need to increase the mass on your body is eating good calories which means all from protien, complex carbs, good fats. Just buy a good whey protien (I'd suggest Ultimate Nutrition Prostar) and a good preworkout and If you think that you are unable to consume enough calories, buy SSN Carbo-Force. Train your arms twice a week, try different training splits (3-day split would be good to target your arms) and work hard.

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