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If your muscles are not increasing then increase your calorie Intake....Thats it...go into Calorie Surplus mode and you will see the result
It should be Fat loss not weight loss....in weight loss you loose your muscles also so retain your muscles your protein intake should be sufficient...NOW coming into your point the best supplement is your own food.. Calculate your BMR and go into calorie deficiet 500 cals a day...and spot reduction is never possible...You will lose body fat from all your body...yes but for sides you can do oblique crunches and many more...Try to include Cardio in your routine also...after your diet is clean then you can opt for Fat burner,Cla etc
Protein Shakes depends upon your diet...It can be taken as many times as you want but you should not go beyond 2-3 times....One after workout and two you can adjust as per your diet regime...But make one thing clear Your Protein shakes will only help you when your diet is on track (Good) 

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