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Hi Nayeem, As per your height your Ideal Body weight should be 63 kg and your intake should 1900 to 2000 calories.You can  gain Muscle using follwing Nutrition Tips : 1. High protein Diet ; include chicken,fish,eggs,soy ,milk n milk products,pulses,beans  2 High Carbs; Oats,whole wheat products,cereals 3. Good fats ; olive oil,peanut butter,avocado,nuts,Flaxseeds 4 .Avoid junk ,fried,bakery products etc 5. If opting for supplement choose carefully . Whey/Soy intialy followed by creatinine later on 6.Increase water intake upto 3 Litres ,also include vitamin C i.e.. citrus fruits and proper rest.    
Hi Divay , You must aim for proper weight loss diet as weight loss is 80% Diet and 20 % workout Include high fibre,high protein and low fat in diet , Eat at regular intervals . Avoid Junk ,fried and bakery products. Focus more on Fresh fruits like apples,pears,oranges,papaya, and green leafy vegetables .  Good to know you are involved in regular exercise . You can opt for yoga and crunches too Apart from Diet and exercise you can go for following tips: Apple cider vinegar 1-2 tsp with water a glass in mornings Snacking green apple/Green Tea/Roasted Channa/Unbuttered popcorn at late afternoon btw 3-4pm Prevent bloating by using less salt ;also sufficient chewing of foods All the Best!
Hi Varun, I understand your concern but reducing face fat and muscle gain has no relation . When you are on a journey to loose fat it is achieved throughout the body n even face.For loosing particulary from face you can try some face yogas and neck streching exercises like chin lifts , jaw release,lip pull, rolling the neck ,fish face,XO pose etc .

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