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Pls specify which fat burner you are planning to consume. We suggest you to consume fat burner before workout.
Go with mass gainer and do workout first and take high protein and carbs diet..... 
For ectomorphic body type, we suggest you go with Muscleblaze Mass gainer XXL...and creatine micronized
For skinny guys, we suggest you to go with Muscleblaze Mass gainer XXL...and creatine micronized.
In any medical condition pls consult your doctor first. We do not recommend consuming any supplements without consultation from doctor in such cases.
You need to inform us about your body stats like height and current weight, so that we can help you better. For personalised plan connect with us on Consult.
It is a good thing that all your stats are normal. You must include more cardio workout in your daily gym routine. Eat a balanced, low fat/low carb diet. Include a protein based meal for breakfast. To boost your metabolism, consume Apple Cider Vinegar empty stomach in the morning.
To get six pack abs, focus on exercises targeting abdominal area and dietary intake. For a personalised diet plan, pls connect with Consult team.
If you want to increase your biceps & triceps, do more exercises focussing on just this area. You must consult your trainer for specific exercises for biceps and triceps. For a detailed diet plan from expert nutrionists, pls connect with our Consult team.
It has hardly been 6 months since you delivered a baby. Be patient, you are going to lose weight. Just follow a healthy lifestyle, eat plain, fat-free food. After a c-sec it is not advisable in general conditions to undergo rigorous exercises but you can practice simple yoga aasanas which include deep breathing. You can do simple hand/legs exercises without stressing on your abdominal area. Depending on your fitness level, gradually start with other full body exercises. Keep a track of what you eat!
In order to gain weight, you must focus on your nutritional intake and workout. Both of them will help you. Regarding supplements, you can go for mass gainers.
Apple cider Vinegar(ACV) is best when used in the morning, empty stomach. However, the timing may vary as per individual need and requirement. For eg, if your goal is to reduce weight then you should consume ACV empty stomach with lukewarm water. ACV with honey gives strength and energy. You can also consume our ACV variant which is available with honey, to get maximum benefits. For detailed uses and doses as per your requirement, kindly contact us on 0124-4616444.
You should take protein with in 5-10 mins, post your workout.
During workout muscle breakdown happens which makes the muscle sore. Once muscle gets repaired, it gets back to normal size. Also during workout blood circulation is fast so the muscles get pumped up. However, you must continue with regular workout and supplements (the ones that you already take), in order to achieve your desired body.
Generally, mass gainers do not have any side-effects. Your hairfall could also be due to improper diet and or some other medical issue/allergies. You can consult our experts at 0124-4616444 for detailed diet plans to help you with your problem.

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