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Hi kindly share me the diet and supplement you are currently following after that i will tell you
Abs will not make your waits line grow and cardio will help you increase your apetite so abs workout is good . Its very common the more you workout more you will need energy and for energy you will east food. Just dont eat sweet and fried food . Indulge in protein rich diet like sprouts , rajma , eggs.
You might have heard monday is cosidered as international chest day is not because a ritual or something uts coz workout is evenly distributed for complete week. Do it like this Monday - Chest , Tuesday - Back , Wednesday - Shoulder and wrists , Thursday - Legs and Friday - Arms(Tri n Bi) , Enjoy weekend and eat lots of protein.
Bsn is good for bulking , take two two scoops each day and in morning take one scoop with milk and banana and in evening take with only water. You have to incrase your natural protein intake also to bulk up. 3 diets are important and pretty much worked really well for me. Breakfast after workout and before sleep. Consume as much as protein you can in this three diets you will surely see results.

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