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Yes you can , Amino Acids is for recovery and Multivitamins for immunity and general health. Take your Multivitamin with breakfst and dinner and Amino Acids before and after workout.    
Hi Shobhit, More than the products its about Lifestyle change.Some of us have ectomorph type of body whhich struggles to gain weight.In order to gain weight we need to eat more calories than we burn. Training -  I would suggest you to start with Weight training and stick yourself to Basic Compound Movements - Deadlifts , Bench Press , Overhead Press , Squats.If you are beginner concentrate on getting hold of form first before adding weights. Diet - Increase your calories to 2500 calories per day , start with the aim of 2000 calories for first week then subsequently add calories to reach target of 2500 calories. Supplements - Stick to basic calorie accumulating supplements like Weight Gainers/Mass Gainers.Start with 1 dose per day and then increase upto 2-3 servings per day. You need to change the way you eat , rest and have food to make changes to your body.Nothing comes easy , you will have to struggle to make it through but its definitely worthwhile to meet your new you in the end. Hope this helps !!!

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