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your question lacks so many details.So, I am adding my veiw in addition to other answers. Most of the trainers and body builders says " REST :" is the key. If you are doing split, then one day off per week is good. but if you are doing full body weighttraining then day after day would be suggestable. understand your body and experiment on it. Protein isn't the only key for muscle gain, you should have adequate amount T levels too. so, don't workout for more than 60 mins. Studies shows that T levels will drop if you stress your body for more than 60 mins.  
Look out for your eating habits and sleeping pattern. I will suggest you to follow these simple rules. eat heavy in breakfast have a moderate lunch say no to fats or sugars in dinner eat fresh and always prefer boiled foods to fried ones. cut off all the junk food from your schedule. follow a time schedule for eating and sleeping. sleep minimum 8 hours 4-6 hours of physical activity per week. Always look out for saturated , trans fats and complex sugars. Always atay positive. you will loose 2-3 kgs easily in the begining, later on you should increase physical activites while sticking to the schedule.  
loosing weight can be meant loosing fat in most of the cases, but if you just measure it by weighing, you are measuring muscle loss + fat loss. people are tend to workout with calorie deficiet most of the times which results in heavy mucle loss along with fat loss. If you want to loose body fat alone, then I would suggest you to concentrate on cardio exercises like jogging, running, swimming and any other aerobic activities. becauses these are the actual fat burners. while coming to your diet, always look out for less fat, as less as you can get. say no to saturated fats and trans fats.
The best way to know that is to calculate how much you are taking by food. Track your food properly and calculate how much protein you took. If your intension is to gain lean muscle total protein intake should be 1 to 1.2 times of your body weight in gms. For example you weigh 70 kgs then it should be between 70 to 85 gms. if you can get 50 gms from food then the rest should be from suppliment. That's how you should calculate it.

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