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never go for tara... buy muscleblez or onn.. i m using it.. its good 
dude i was 126 kg heavy and 5'5 ft, i've never follown perticular diet chart. what i did is work hard.. i used to run 7-8 km everyday minimum... u can take 2 rest days in week... and i cudnt stop but decreased fatty things to eat.. i usally eat cabbage and carrot and cuccumber which is cheap and elps reduce hunger for long and also provides vitamins to body.. maybe my ans wud not be that attractive but this is my reality i was poor s cudnt afford diet charts and coach etc.. i was my own trust your self try your best.. and belive me dieting is boring.. do some basic exrsise like 20-15-12 pushups dips and pullups everyday.. u can do less reps..but run as much as u can dream...running is most easy way to shread body.. if u r hevy muscle man running will also help u get more asthetic type physic.. hop u find it lil bit helpful.. best wishes

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